01 May 2020

Kiss & Makeup (May's $5 Pattern)

Here's to dreaming about future travel plans! Meet Kiss & Makeup--May's $5 pattern. It's a hanging travel bag perfect for toting your favorite knick knacks near and far.
This is my first bag pattern. The idea came about when Moda added a few coated prints to the Bloomington collection. At the time, I also found myself in need of a new travel bag. Kismet. 
LB189 Kiss & Makeup Hanging Travel Bag COVER
When I started designing the bag, I had a hard time tracking down the right hook hanger hardware I had envisioned. Long story short, I ended up having my own manufactured and have them available in my shop now.
LB-CSHH1 image
This was my first time using coated prints (aka laminated cottons). Coated prints are wonderful for bag-making since they're durable and easy to clean. These Bloomington coated prints have a matte finish and are excellent quality. I'll admit, I was intimidated using them at first since I'd never worked with laminates of any kind. I did a lot of experimenting and ended up loving the quality. If you'd like to use coated prints for your bag--I've shared all the good information right in the pattern. I'll also be sharing tips + tricks on the blog this month. Of course, you can use anything you'd like to make this bag--cotton, canvas, coated prints--or a mix!
The pattern is 10 pages, full color, with lots of photographs and diagrams. I'm excited to have a pretty new travel bag, and this makes a great gift as well. And good news--Bloomington fabric is arriving in shops now! Check in with your favorite local or online shop for the coated prints or regular yardage.