18 May 2020

Folktale (a new fabric collection)

Come along for a walk on an old forest path. The sun is heading to bed, scattering the last bits of light in and around the trees. It is a wild wonderland; a thick woodland brimming with enchanted blooms of pink, white, and gold. Look for the dainty little posies, scattered at random, beckoning to be collected. This collection is a romantic backdrop for an older time, one of fanciful tales and lore.
Folktale collection by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics. Shipping October 2020. 
I get a lot of inquiries re: the Moda Bella Solids/Grunge coordinates, so I've included a list below... Keep in mind there are already a couple great basics built into the Folktale collection! Add a little extra sparkle to your backgrounds with the sweet multicolor "Magic Dot" print, or consider using the "Skinny Stripes" for sashing, accent blocks, borders, and bindings. They are a pretty sweet near-solid option that already matches the group perfectly.
  • Bella Solid #9900 178 "Etchings Stone"
  • Bella Solid #9900 97 "Bleached White"
  • Grunge #30150 91 "Vanilla"
  • Bella Solid #9900 103 "Golden Wheat"
  • Grunge #30150 115 "Elafin"
  • Bella Solid #9900 88 "Bubble Gum"
  • Bella Solid #9900 172 "Circa Celadon"
  • Grunge #30150 274 "Vert"
  • Bella Solid #9900 207 "Glacier"
  • Bella Solid #9900 41 "Chocolate"
Do you have a favorite print? I'm always a sucker for a dainty floral.