23 February 2020

Open Heart

Hello, lovers! In case you didn't already know, February is almost over...whoops! Just a reminder that there are a few days to get the Open Heart quilt pattern for just $5 in my shop
Open Heart
This remains one of my most popular patterns to date. The original quilt was made in my Olive's Flower Market collection from a few years back. It's now out of print (and nearly impossible to find) but you can achieve a similar look using my upcoming collection Bloomington (shipping to shops in April). Check out this mockup in Bloomington--what do you think?
It can be made with fat eighths or fat quarters (sorry, not Jelly Roll friendly--I get asked this a lot). Here's another original made with Olive's Flower Market against a Moda Crossweave (black) background. Just a word about crossweave--I would recommend you buy extra yardage and prewash. It shrinks up a lot more than quilting cotton and will have a warped look if you don't. (Ask me how I know.)
But that's not all! There is a second pattern on sale in February! You can also get the Mini Open Heart Pin Cushion on sale for $5 in February. This prototype was made up in 1 mini charm pack of Garden Variety fabric. (A mini charm pack will actually make 3 pin cushions!)
LB175 Mini Open Heart pin cushion
Stay tuned for March's $5 pattern of the month!