30 December 2020

Block 51: Spark Plug

Hey everybody! Welcome back! It's my turn to share my final block for Moda Blockheads 3. It also happens to be the last one of 2020. Just a handful of blocks left--can you believe we're in the homestretch? Here's Spark Plug

Download Block #51: Spark Plug here.

I made mine using a combinations of Sugar Pie fabric (the dainty pink flower print) and Bloomington (the coral candy stripe and green lattice prints). I got behind on my blocks but thankfully was able to sit down and crank out bunch recently. My top is finally finished and ready to go to the quilter. (My layout only required 36 blocks in the 6" finished size.) Here's a peek of how it turned out:
top preview
My layout is called "Mama's Linoleum" and the (free) layout instructions are found in my original MB3 block post here. (There is also a current list of the MB3 block links at the bottom of the post.) Even though I made 6" blocks, this layout can accommodate a combination of sampler block sizes as long as they can be combined to a 12" finished block size. Hope that helps! Enjoy Spark Plug. :)

Oh yeah--and if you hurry to the Moda Blockheads Facebook group this week, you can enter to win a Layer Cake of my upcoming Smoke & Rust collection! (Giveaway closes Tuesday night 1/5/2021.)  I've included a little peek of Smoke & Rust below--it will ship April 2021.

  smoke & rust12 

mountainside1    fracture1

Stay tuned for more brand new fabric and quilts next week! Happy New Year!

25 November 2020

Hot Cross Buns {$5 in November}

Before I forget. I reprinted a couple of my bestselling pattern oldies in Smoke & Rust fabric and need to show you how they turned out!

First up is Hot Cross Buns. It's also the $5 pattern in November--just a few more days to snag a copy! I have made this quilt previously in several fabric collections, but this is the best one yet. Make it with a Jelly Roll (30 precut 2.5" strips) or a Layer Cake (30 precut 10" squares). I've tweaked a few things in the instructions from the original and made it even better than before. The pattern is available in PDF or printed booklet format.

Hot Cross Buns SR

I've already begun cutting it out, took me less than an hour. Be sure to snag this one for $5 while you can.


The other pattern that got an update is Trinkets. This one is made with 16 fat quarters and is available as a PDF or printed booklet. Smoke & Rust fabric is shipping in April 2021. If you'd like to make one of these quilts, be sure to check in with your favorite local or online shop to reserve a kit today!


24 November 2020

Smoke & Rust {the new quilts}

 Live by the sun, love by the moon. - J.T. Jackson

Smoke & Rust fabric is coming to shops in April 2021. In the meanwhile, I have new quilts to share with you. The best part is, all the patterns are available in PDF or printed booklet formats now. If this is a collection you are interested in, I always recommend reaching out to your favorite local or online shop--most are not only willing to reserve some for you, but they appreciate the input in deciding what to stock on the shelves. For more about the inspiration behind the Smoke & Rust collection, check out my previous post here.

smoke & rust12 
Now for the quilts! First up is Fracture. I'm always up for piecing a log cabin, so here's a new variation I came up with. The fabric lends itself for a masculine/modern look, so I definitely wanted to use shapes that complemented the fabric in this way. The quilting is by Marion Bott.
Fracture is pieced with fat quarters or fat eighths depending on what you have in your stash, and how much variety you want. The pattern is available in the shop in PDF or printed booklet formats.
Mountainside. This quilt has lived in my heart for a very long time. Having been around mountains nearly all my life, I am gaga over them. I've lived near Zion National Park the last 5.5 years--which is where the color inspiration for the Smoke & Rust fabric originated. One morning a few weeks ago, I finished binding the quilt and took it on one of my favorite hikes--Angel's Landing. It felt like reuniting a baby bird with its mother.
This is one of my quickest designs to piece for obvious reasons--only 1/3 of the quilt is actually made up of patchwork blocks. The hardest thing about this quilt is deciding whether to use just one background color or two.
I pieced two versions. The first (above) uses a grey "Crackle" print from the collection for most of the background but finishes with a charcoal stripe along the bottom. The second version (below) uses all charcoal "Crackle." Both versions were quilted by Natalia Bonner using her awe-inspiring custom quilt skills. The all-charcoal version has a Moda Snuggle backing (think soft minky). It made the quilting look a bit puffy, giving it a trapunto-look.
The pattern instructions are written so you can make either version. I had a really difficult choice narrowing down which ones to make! As always, it's available in PDF or printed booklet formats.
Moonwake. A word to describe when the moon's reflection seems to follow you as you walk along water. This quilt reminded me of that same magical bit of beauty. Make it with 16 of your favorite fat quarters. For this one, I stuck to just black + white + grey. I love the geometric quilting by Kaitlyn Howell on this one.
And you guessed it. The pattern is available as a PDF or printed booklet.
Concord. Mother Teresa reminds us, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other." I have thought of that quote often this year as turmoil swirls all around. The overlapping rings in this design remind me that there is more overlap than we sometimes remember.
This one was quilted by Kaitlyn Howell at Knot and Thread Design as well. The quilt is made with a Honeybun (precut 1.5" strips) and is available as a PDF or printed booklet.
I hope you enjoyed this peek at the new quilts! The Smoke & Rust fabric definitely leans into a more masculine/modern quilting look, but I do know that any of these patterns would look fantastic in just about any fabric collection. 
Oh and one more thing--a quick word about solid/near-solid coordinates...
Keep in mind there is already a near-solid print within the collection called "Crackle" for each color. (It's what I used for all the backgrounds of the quilts shown.) It reads as solid overall but adds the illusion of texture. I recommend stocking up on Crackle for your backgrounds when purchasing this collection. They will sell out quickly in April.

That being said, here is a list of the best Moda Bella solid + BasicGrey Grunge coordinates I could find. I couldn't find matches for every color.

  • 30150 310 "Expresso" Grunge 

  • 30150 163 "Grey Couture" Grunge 

  • 30150 278 "Gris" Grunge 

  •  30150 91 "Vanilla" Grunge 

  •  9900 285 "Unbleached" Bella 

  •  9900 98 "White Bleached" Bella

 Hope that helps!

Smoke & Rust coordinates

16 October 2020

Sewcialites Block 4: Spirited

Hey there! It's my turn to share a block for the Fat Quarter Shop Sewcialites Quilt Along 2020. If you're new to the sew along, you can find all of the information for this free block-of-the-week program here. My block is no. 4 "Spirited."


The thing I love about the Spirited block is that there are so many different looks the block can take on depending on fabric placement. I kept this first block more minimalistic by keeping the prints confined within a plus shape. (The fabric, by the way, is from my new Smoke & Rust collection for Moda Fabrics. You can learn more about the fabric here as well as new quilt patterns here. The fabric will ship April 2021.)

Download Sewcialites block no. 4 "Spirited" here.

Here are 3 variations of the Spirited block in a 3" finished block size in my Folktale collection. I think a whole quilt of these would be just darling! NOTE: When piecing blocks this teeny, my recommendation is to press diagonal seams open. The Folktale fabric collection I used here is due to arrive in shops any day now. You can check with your favorite local/online shop including Fat Quarter Shop whose shop can be found here

 Block4 Spirited 

Here is a closer look at the Folktale collection.


Here are some of the quilt patterns I designed for Folktale. They are available as PDFs or printed booklets in my shop, and also at Fat Quarter Shop. There's Spring Fling, Sun Shower, SparklerStarstruck 2, and (not shown) Chatterbox and Social Butterfly.

springfling2  Sun Shower2 sparkler3  starstruck2j

For the rest of October 2020, you can get 25% off all PDF and printed booklets in my shop. No coupon code needed, the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

15 October 2020

Smoke & Rust

smoke & rust cover

There is something sacred about being in the mountains. Walk along the misty trail and fall in love with colors intensified by an overcast sky. In my desert home, much of the earth is framed with rust colored mountains and majestic stone cliffs. Some have been brushed with strokes of charcoal to match the richness of the lava fields. Autumn often arrives late, and if you're lucky, you may get a glimpse of a drying leaf with the lightest dusting of snow. The birds flying through the mist are silent... like me, they feel the reverence of being in such a mesmerizing place.

Smoke & Rust selvage

Nature has many kinds of beauty; the Smoke & Rust collection evokes the colors and textures of my beloved home, and is designed for masculine and modern tastes alike.

Smoke & Rust by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics, shipping April 2021. 

Zion Nat’l Park - Narrows trail December 2019
The Narrows trail in Zion National Park, December 2019.

I'm still working on the new quilts, but all of the new quilt patterns are in the shop now. To celebrate, I'm adding a discount of 25% on everything in the shop for the rest of October 2020. (Discount automatically applied at checkout.) 

23 September 2020

Block 37: Fixer Upper

I live in a fixer upper. I will never forget that first month and all the sweat it took to rip out carpet, linoelum, baseboards, old wallpaper, etc. Of course, all the work was worth it, and I ended up with a beautiful, blank canvas. Over the last couple years, I’ve been adding to it little by little and love the home it’s become.


I decided to create a little quilt block as homage to those early fixer upper days. I started with a simple square and kept building upon it to look like a charming little tile square. Here it is--just as satisfying as a real home project (but much less time and mess).

Click here to download the Block #37 "Fixer Upper" (for Moda Blockheads 3).


My sample block is the 6" finished size and uses a Bloomington bias stripe print + the aqua floral from Lollipop Garden fabric collection.

To check out my final layout for the blocks (and an updated archive of the blocks), check my original post here.

I hope you enjoy making this one! For my September deal, grab a copy of my Square Dance pattern (pictured below) for just $5 (PDF or printed booklet) or save $5 on my bestselling book: Jelly Filled - 18 Quilts from 2 1/2" Strips.


Stay tuned in October for a peek at new fabric, the release of 4 (!) new quilt patterns, and watch for Folktale to arrive in shops. To stay up-to-date with me, follow me on Instagram or Facebook @lellaboutique or subscribe to this blog. Stay safe, friends!

01 September 2020

Square Dance

 Lollipop Garden 

September 19th is National Sew a Jelly Roll Day. You know I can get behind a celebration of Jelly Rolls. Who can resist those scrumptious 2 1/2" strips rolled up in a concentric, cinnamon roll style? I've decided to make Square Dance the $5 pattern of the month for the occasion.


The Square Dance pattern is perfect for any skill level, looks great in any fabric collection, and is available in PDF or printed booklet format. Grab a Jelly Roll and get started today!

LB178 Square Dance COVER

Looking for more Jelly Roll quilt ideas? Check out my newest book: Jelly Filled - 18 Quilts from 2 1/2" Strips (Stash Books). It's just been restocked in the shop and has been marked $5 off in September. That's only $1.17 per pattern!

Jelly Filled - 18 Quilts From 2 1/2'' Strips

17 June 2020

Block 23 - Lucky Penny

Happy Wednesday! If you're looking for the newest block for Moda Blockheads 3, you've come to the right place. Block no. 23 is "Lucky Penny."
23Lucky Penny 
When I was a little girl, I believed I was lucky any time I found a penny on the ground. Now that I am grown, I don’t pick up many coins - but I get that same happy feeling every time I sit down to sew. This block is like a batch of scrappy little pennies, reminding us of the little things that make life good.
My block uses a mix of Lella Boutique fabrics including prints from my Bloomington, Lollipop Garden, Farmer's Daughter, Sugar Pie, and Garden Variety collections. The only tip I would have is to press the seams open in Step #4 to reduce bulk--it helps when sewing all those teeny snowball blocks together.
I've accumulated enough sampler blocks by now to start sewing them into Mama's Linoleum blocks. (Full instructions for my "Mama's Linoleum" layout here.) I'm currently trying to decide if I should make the background charcoal or white.
Mama's Linoleum Layout  
There are a few other new things around here since my last Moda Blockheads 3 post. The first is a new fabric collection called Folktale for Moda Fabrics arriving October 2020.
Folktale fabric by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics
And of course, new fabric = new quilt patterns! Read about the new Folktale quilts in this blog post .
springfling2 Sun Shower3
cHATTERBOX1 sparkler2
One of those new patterns, Starstruck 2, is June's $5 Pattern of the Month. I'm currently picking out red + white + blue scraps to make a patriotic version.
Thanks for stopping by! 

01 June 2020

Starstruck in June

There's a new $5 pattern-of-the-month in town and it's got me starry eyed.
With 4th of July coming up, it was obvious that this one should be the new $5 pattern for June. It's called Starstruck 2 and I want to drop everything I'm working on and start sewing one up in red, white, and blue. Deadlines, schmeadlines. ;)
LB191 Starstruck 2 cover
This one is from the newest batch of quilt patterns using my Folktale fabric collection with Moda Fabrics. The fabric won't ship until October--but who says you can only make one? ;) The pattern is in the shop as a PDF download or printed booklet
But that's not all. This is a sequel to my original bestselling Starstruck pattern--which will also be on sale for $5 this month. The difference between the two patterns is the finished block size... Starstruck = 9" x 9" finished block, and Starstruck 2 = 6" x 6" finished block. There is also a PDF pattern option for a mini wall hanging version