23 October 2019

Bloomington fabric

It's springtime in the countryside; the meadows are dotted with flowers, the birds are serenading, and there is a distinct fragrance of earth and rain mixed together. Everything is lush and green--the gardens dressed in their cheeriest blooms of pink and white. You might see an old garden shed--topped with tin, shabby walls worn with old wood peeking through faded layers of paint. There is a romantic charm to such a scene, and I often find myself wishing for a way to bottle up the beauty to enjoy through winter. This collection represents that gathering of spring elements, a dedication to all flower lovers.
Introducing Bloomington by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics. Shipping to shops April 2020. Showing October 26-28 at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX (open to the trade only).
The best news of all? This sweet little bundle of joy is what I imagine to be the lovechild of my Olive's Flower Market + Nest collections--which remain in high demand but are no longer in print. You're going to want to stock up on this one.
bloomington coordinates
Now, I already know you want to know about coordinates. Here's are my recommendations for Moda Bella Solids and BasicGrey Grunge matches: 
Moda Bella Solids:
  • 9900 299 Flamingo
  • 9900 88 Bubble Gum
  • 9900 98 White Bleached
  • 9900 101 Grass
  • 9900 87 Teal
  • 9900 313 Oatmeal
  • 9900 283 Lead
BasicGrey Grunges:
  • 30150 250 Salmon
  • 30150 152 Pear
I'll post more pics of the new stuff soon, but for now you can check out new quilt patterns in the shop! To celebrate, enjoy a 25% discount in October 2019 (automatically applied at checkout). I'm headed to Houston for the week, so be advised that pattern orders will ship when I return Tuesday (10/29). PDFs are available right away, of course. If you'd like to follow along, find me on Instagram @lellaboutique.
Cathedral quilt