13 February 2019

Moda Blockheads: Round 2 {Block 44}

We're in the last stretch of Moda Blockheads 2! Yay!
Here's block no. 44 "Candy Striper." (Free PDF instructions available here.) Its construction is log cabin style, with a stripe-y twist. I made mine colorful and scrappy...
...but had originally mocked it up with a simpler color scheme. Lots of fun options depending on the look you're going for.
Candy Striper finished block
Now that we're in the final stretch of making blocks, you can begin to assemble the quilt-top! (The layout information can be found here.) I'm following the general layout (as far as which size goes where), but have been swapping blocks around (within their size groups) for optimal color balance. Here's a little peek as of a few weeks ago:
 If you're looking for a complete archive of the blocks, check out my original post here (updated weekly).
Oh and before I forget--my pattern of the month is Cottontail/Little Cottontail, which means it's only $5 in February. 
Little Cottontail pillow Cottontail quilt