03 April 2019


Time to introduce the new $5 Pattern of the Month. It's an oldie-but-goodie called Homestead. Make it with 1 Layer Cake of your favorite collection--mine uses Olive's Flower Market for Moda Fabrics from a few years back.
I plan on making one this month as soon as I decide which fabrics to use.
Homestead quilt
In the coming weeks, I'll also be sharing tips on how to set a quilt on point like this one.
What fabric do you think would look good in this quilt?

07 March 2019

Spring Cleaning

Sugar Cookie charcoal
Got a jump-start on my spring cleaning this year--I'm one of those weirdos who really loves cleaning haha! Anyway, I came upon a tester block from my Sugar Cookie quilt from a few years back. It's made with the pretty pinks and charcoals of Olive's Flower Market, BasicGrey's Vanilla Grunge, and Moda's Classic Chicken Wire prints. I've encountered the block a few times over the years, and I like it every time I see it. I figured it was high time to resurrect it from the forgotten pile and made into a full quilt. Here's the plan mocked up (chicken wire background missing):
Sugar Cookie6
Turns out it's a really quick quilt to put together--it took me a couple afternoons. Once it's quilted and bound, it's going to live in my daughter's room. (The one the fabric is named after.)
Sugar Cookie is made with 1 charm pack-- perfect for those lone charm packs you have been holding onto. Of course, you can also cut your own 5'' squares from your scrap pile or fat quarters. During March, the Sugar Cookie pattern is only $5 in PDF or paper formats. Here's the dreamy original pieced and quilted by April Rosenthal. I adore the sampler style quilting she came up with. (Thanks, April!)
 Sugar Cookie5
And who could forget this one, quilted by Natalia Bonner?
Sugar Cookie pattern by Lella Boutique
Spring break is next week (March 11-16) so the kids and I are heading out of town. Get 10% off in the shop through 3/17/19 using promo code SPRINGBREAK10 at checkout. Paper patterns will resume shipping Monday, March 18th.

13 February 2019

Moda Blockheads: Round 2 {Block 44}

We're in the last stretch of Moda Blockheads 2! Yay!
Here's block no. 44 "Candy Striper." (Free PDF instructions available here.) Its construction is log cabin style, with a stripe-y twist. I made mine colorful and scrappy...
...but had originally mocked it up with a simpler color scheme. Lots of fun options depending on the look you're going for.
Candy Striper finished block
Now that we're in the final stretch of making blocks, you can begin to assemble the quilt-top! (The layout information can be found here.) I'm following the general layout (as far as which size goes where), but have been swapping blocks around (within their size groups) for optimal color balance. Here's a little peek as of a few weeks ago:
 If you're looking for a complete archive of the blocks, check out my original post here (updated weekly).
Oh and before I forget--my pattern of the month is Cottontail/Little Cottontail, which means it's only $5 in February. 
Little Cottontail pillow Cottontail quilt

23 January 2019

Lollipop Garden {the coordinates]

lg bellas
You've been asking, so here they are--your Moda Bella solid coordinates to Lollipop Garden:
  • 9900 203 Orchid
  • 9900 89 Tea Rose
  • 9900 145 Sisters Pink
  • 9900 297 Peach Blossom
  • 9900 272 Canary
  • 9900 101 Grass
  • 9900 34 Aqua
Also-in January, you can snag my Open Heart pattern for only $5. It's available in PDF here or paper here. Isn't it looking so sweet in Lollipop Garden?!
open heart LG2
I've also just reordered more Kaleidoscope patterns with an updated cover in LG. You can make this one with a Jelly Roll (for a scrappy look) or yardage (for a duo-tone version). 
LB135 Kaleidoscope cover
Trying to catch up on Moda Blockheads, hoping to share more about that soon.