12 June 2018

Garden Variety {Coordinating Bella Solids}

Garden Variety
For those of you wondering about coordinating solids, I've compiled a quick list of the best matches from the Moda Bella Solids:
  1. 9900 236 (Nautical Blue)
  2. 9900 34 (Aqua)
  3. 9900 74 (Green Apple)
  4. 9900 299 (Flamingo)
  5. 9900 147 (Coral)
  6. 9900 148 (Soft Yellow)
bella solids


  1. oh yum!! I'm loving the navy, and you have bees!!! can't wait till this one comes out!!! Hugs, H

  2. Thank you for the coordinating solids for your new line. I seem to get lost in that area :)! Beautiful colours and prints again in your new line.

  3. What is the coordinating white for backgrounds? Thanks.

  4. Love all of your fabric lines, your book, and I have most of your patterns. You are definitely my favorite designer. Love your idea of providing coordinating fabric info for your newest line. That will be so helpful.

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  6. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.


  7. Was wondering the same WRT the coordinating Bella Solid for the background white but did not see a response?