28 October 2017

New Quilts on the Block

New fabric = new patterns, and this time around it's all about a little collection called Nest. This collection gives me the good kind of blues. 
First off, I'm offering 25% off all patterns in my shop in October using the promo code QUILTMARKET at checkout. I'll be out of town most of this week for its debut at International Quilt Market, so paper pattern orders will resume shipping Nov. 1. 
First up is Easy Breezy and if you're new to working with wonky cuts, this is a perfect place to begin. This quilt can be made with 1 Layer Cake® or 36 squares 10'' x 10''. Available here in PDF or paper.
I pieced all of the quilts, then employed Kaitlyn and Natalia to add their beautiful quilting finishing touches. Beautiful job, ladies! First up is the white Easy Breezy quilted by Kaitlyn.

Another idea is to use a darker background instead of traditional white. I ended up making a few of these (including a few baby quilts) and really love how quickly it can be pieced. Natalia quilted both of the versions seen below.
Easy Breezy Easy Breezy
#166 MABEL
Next up is Mabel--named after a great aunt. What a name! The quilt looks somewhat difficult but I found a way to piece so that even an experienced beginner could tackle it without having to use paper piecing or y-seams. It's a big block--finishes at 24'' x 24'' and can be made with fat quarters. It's available in my shop in PDF or paper.
Natalia quilted this using one of her own pantographs! Isn't it cool?? I love that it gives the feel of pebbling but uses oval shapes instead. 
Bluegrass has a wild charm and spunky personality about it--reminding me a bit of the way I feel when I hear the twang of bluegrass music. Bluegrass is made with 16 fat eighths and is available in my shop as a PDF or paper pattern. 
This one was also quilted by Natalia using an orange peel variation. I keep thinking that a Christmas version of this quilt would be just beautiful!
I've had this design stowed away for a bit until I could find the right fabrics. Summit is made using 1 Jelly Roll® or 40 strips 2 1/2'' x WOF and I've mocked this one up in multiple color options playing with background again. The BasicGrey Grunge in Grey Couture plays so well with my Nest fabrics. The pattern is available in my shop here in PDF or paper versions.
I haven't had the chance to piece the main version but I did piece the grey grunge  background version. This was quilted by Kaitlyn using a feather pantograph. I'm so glad she suggested it--feathers sometimes are associated with an older kind of quilt style but I think it fits this quilt so well.
Speaking of Kaitlyn--she designed a beautiful new bag pattern called Hello Pouches and made up these beautiful samples in my Nest fabric. I will take a dozen, please! 
 That's the new stuff! Once again, take advantage of the 25% discount in October using the promo code QUILTMARKET at checkout. 

Nest fabric

To those you love, give roots and wings.
Nest fabric
Every spring, I see little nests being built in the apple tree in our backyard. These little birds search for all kinds of things--sticks, straws, feathers--anything that will build a secure home for the little baby birds. We do something similar. We look for the comfortable, the beautiful--the things that nurture our souls and turn a house into a home. Nest celebrates that instinct... the blues are restful shades while the greens signify new life. and the taupes and creams have just a touch of pink for variety and warmth. These are the things we use to decorate in our homes, to create our nests.
Nest fabric is now showing at International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas and will ship to shops March 2018.

07 September 2017

Scrappy Sunflowers

From the early morning hour / 'til the sun is at its close / the loyal steadfast flower seeks the light without repose
Scrappy Sunflowers 
It all started with sunflowers. Twenty years ago, I decided to make my very first quilt because of a scrappy mosaic sunflower block my mom was working on. I was smitten and knew I just had to make one too. It was a pretty small project, so I invented smaller mosaic blocks to go in a large border around the main mosaic. My mom gave me the basics to get started but I was largely unsupervised. It's the best gift she ever gave me! If she had made me pick out stitches, I never would have cared to finish.

Scrappy Sunflowers
I figured it was time to revisit the scrappy sunflower idea and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. Of course I had my good friend, Natalia Bonner, add her beautiful custom quilting to it!
Sunflower Power*
I used the delicious yellows and greens from my Olive's Flower Market/Sugar Pie/Farmer's Daughter fabric collections with Moda Fabrics. I used every last bit of a text print from Farmer's Daughter for the background (the pic above uses Grunge by BasicGrey for a single block sample).
Scrappy Sunflowers
Paper patterns will be here in a couple more weeks but the PDF version is in the shop now! 
LB164 Sunflowers PDF cover

19 July 2017

Biscuits & Gravy

You may have noticed already, but in addition to my new patterns using my Farmer's Daughter fabric, I designed a few quilts using BasicGrey's newest line called Biscuits & Gravy. I think you're really going to love them!
This is a Layer Cake quilt and one of the most fun I've ever made. Don't let the curves scare you, I find they are actually very forgiving. I even posted a little video on Instagram (@lellaboutique) showing the basics of sewing with curves!
Dishes quilt
This beautiful cable weave quilting was done by Allison Black at AB Quilting Studio. Not only is she one of my favorite humans, her work speaks for itself.
Dishes quilt
This is a fat quarter quilt, and the finished blocks are quite large (18'' x 18''). I played around with different background colors and had a hard time deciding which I like best!
Trinkets quilt
Trinkets quilt
Allison Black pieced and quilted the navy Trinkets quilt, isn't she a beaut?!
Trinkets quilt2
Now don't forget--during July, get 25% in the shop using the promo code LELLASBLOCKPARTY. Also, if you make just one quilt block and post a picture using the hashtag #LellasBlockParty on Instagram or Facebook, you could win a fabulous prize--check out the complete contest details here.

05 July 2017

Lella's Block Party

Madame Butterfly 
Moda is sponsoring a fantastic year-long contest and this month it's my turn to host! (To read full details about the 12 Months/12 Moda Designers/12 Contests, check out Moda's post here.)
Here's what you need to know for July's contest--it's super easy to participate: 
Just make ONE block using any Lella Boutique pattern and post a picture on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #LellasBlockParty. That's it!
You can use any of the patterns in my shop, from my Charm School book, or magazine publications I've had designs featured in. Additionally, I am offering a 25% discount in my shop using promo code LELLASBLOCKPARTY all month long to help give you some ideas.
On August 5th, 3 winners will be selected. Each winner will receive the following:
  • 1 copy of my new book--Charm School:18 Quilts From 5'' Squares
  • 1 Layer Cake® of my Sugar Pie fabric for Moda 
  • 1 Moda collectible tin
  • 1 Moda "This is How We Roll" tote bag
  • 1 large spool of my favorite Aurifil 50 wt thread in white 
Can't wait to see what ya'll come up with! 

18 May 2017

On the Farm {New Patterns}

Farmer's Daughter quilt stack
Time for new quilt patterns using my newest fabric collection, Farmer's Daughter fabric for Moda Fabrics! To celebrate new patterns, I'm offering a 20% discount in my shop for the rest of May 2017 using the promo code QUILTMARKET at checkout. I'll be out of town this week attending International Quilt Market in St. Louis, so paper pattern orders will ship when I get home 5/22/17.
Home Again quilt
I've had houses on the brain lately (just bought my first house ever) and apparently it's made its way into my quilting :) Now house blocks are nothing new in quilting, so the fun challenge for me was to see how I could put my own spin on a traditional idea. Here's what I came up with, and of course the custom quilting by Natalia Bonner always really makes the design come to life.
Home Again quilt
This is a great pattern for a confident beginner or intermediate skill level and uses 21 fat eighths. Moda is offering this as one of its beautiful collectible boxed kits so keep an eye out for those! The quilt finishes at 64 1/2'' x 68 1/2'' and the pattern is available in my shop now in PDF or paper.
Barn Style
When I think of a farmhouse-style of decorating, I think of simplicity. Barn Style is a fat quarter quilt and I've mocked up two color options playing with the background fabrics and border selections. The first one uses Moda Crossweave in black for both the background and border. Just a quick word about crossweave, it shrinks a lot! I always recommend purchasing an extra 1/4 yard of and prewashing it before you cut. It adds such a wonderful texture to quilts, just be sure to keep that in the back of your mind if you decide to use it. (I've also included this info on the pattern.)
Barn Style
I had Natalia Bonner custom quilt this one as well! She always adds such interesting secondary designs and fills all that background space with beautiful flourishes and detail. Such eye candy!
Barn Style quilt
If you'd like a more traditional look with a light background and contrasting border, I've got you covered! It's really amazing how different the quilt can look with these simple changes! Find the pattern in my shop here in PDF or paper in the shop.
Barn Style1
Kaitlyn at Knot and Thread Design quilted this one and I just adore the texture the quilting adds to the quilt. Such a great complement to the design!
I love a scrappy feeling quilt and this one reminds me of a picture gallery on a wall so I decided to name it Kith & Kin--meaning "friends and family."
Kith & Kin quilt
Instead of a white background, I've used one of my favorite dainty floral prints from Farmer's Daughter to give it a vintage sort of feel. Make it up with Jelly Roll strips + 9 fat quarters (for the outer frames). 
Kith & Kin 
Natalia Bonner quilted this one using an all over design of overlapping rectangles. Find it in the shop in PDF or paper.
RockStar FD
This pattern design is from my new Charm School book but made with 3 charm packs of the new Farmer's Daughter fabric. I learned from making the Home Again quilt that the BasicGrey Grunge in Mint looks really great mixed in with this group so I've used it as the background fabric in this one. Lovely clamshell quilting by Kaitlyn Howell of Knot and Thread Design.
Rock Star
One of the other popular patterns from the book is the Chandelier quilt so I couldn't resist making one up in Farmer's Daughter as well. Both of these patterns are beginner friendly! 
Chandelier FD
I do have a few autographed copies of Charm School in my shop along with the new patterns. Don't forget 20% discount on all products in my store in May 2017 using the promo code QUILTMARKET at checkout.
Home Again cover  Barn Style Cover2  Kith & Kin cover

Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter fabric
I am the daughter of a farmer's daughter, who is also the daughter of a farmer's daughter... I come from a line of practical women who also love beautiful things. Grandma talks about how after the Great Depression was over, the first thing she bought, as a twelve year old, was beautiful floral prints from the Montgomery Ward catalog for sixty cents a yard. Imagine that! My own farmer-daughter mama says that she loved the 'chore' of getting cows down from the pasture each evening, because she was able to gather wild irises and dandelions along the way. When we went to Grandma's farm, we slept on a brass beds furnished with handmade quilts, made from carefully saved scraps. This collection is reminiscent of that sweet country life--simplicity with a few fancy flourishes. 
Farmer's Daughter by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics. Showing this weekend at International Quilt Market in St. Louis, MO, shipping to shops October 2017.
Everyone always asks about coordinating Moda Bella Solids & Grunges, so here's the list:
  • Moda Bella 9900 299 Flamingo
  • Moda Bella 9900 88 Bubble Gum
  • BasicGrey Gunge 30150 152 Pear
  • BasicGrey Grunge 30150 15 Chiffon
  •  Moda Bella 9900 313 Oatmeal
  •  Moda Bella 9900 284 Charcoal

15 February 2017

Charm School

I still remember the day I first came across Moda charm packs. It was almost exactly seven years ago; I remember it well because I had just found out that the sweet little bun-in-my-oven was, in fact, a "she." To celebrate, I drove straight from the doctor's office to the quilt shop to pick out fat quarters for my baby girl's quilt. As I was getting ready to check out, I stumbled upon those beautiful little precut stacks of 5'' squares. I had no idea what I would do with them but I could not resist buying a few, just to see what I could make.
I found that playing with 5'' squares was such fun--and that there were endless possibilities with what I could do with them. I used them like building blocks and discovered a whole new world of creativity. I'm happy I finally get to share my love of these 5'' squares with you in my new book Charm School--18 Quilts From 5'' Squares. (It's schedule to be in shops March 1 but I've heard people have already been able to get copies from Amazon.com.)
Charm School - 18 Quilts from 5'' Squares
Even though the precut charm squares were inspiration for my book, it is easy to make other fabric substitutions :) All 18 projects include instructions to use not only precut charm squares, but also fat quarters, scraps, and more!
Charm School
Charm School is intended to be more than just a collection of patterns--each chapter contains a schoolhouse "lesson" or technique to apply to the 5'' squares. Start with the 5'' squares as they are, and gradually learn how to make simple alterations.
The thing I love about simple quilts is the opportunity to let beautiful fabric do the talking. Of course, it doesn't get any simpler than a basic block quilt--my Modern Basic quilt is a project anyone can tackle. By keeping those 5'' squares as is, there is an opportunity to really play around with fabric choice, fabric placement, and the finishing touches to make a bold statement. (Check out that crazy-fabulous custom quilting by Natalia Bonner!)
It was a fun challenge to see what sort of things I could dream up with the most basic of shapes. My Snowfall quilt below was made with just squares and rectangles!
Snowfall quilt
Snowfall quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric is Evergreen by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics.
Quilting by Abby Latimer.
Gradually, we add triangle shapes to our designs. In Scrap Happy (below) triangles are incorporated to form charming little sawtooth stars in the sashing. 
Scrap Happy
Scrap Happy quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric is Farmhouse by Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree & Co. for Moda Fabrics.
Quilting by Abby Latimer
Using the same easy corner triangle method, we see a whole new world of possibilities opens up with quilter basics like snowball blocks and flying geese!
Up Ahead
Up Ahead quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric is Fancy & Fabulous by Fancy Pants Designs for Riley Blake Designs.
Quilting by Abby Latimer.

Eventually, this easy corner triangle technique can help us build up to some pretty impressive block designs--Madame Butterfly being a prime example. (I've adapted my Social Butterfly Mini quilt into a full quilt pattern and made it charm-friendly :) Woohoo!)
Madame Butterfly
Madame Butterfly quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric scraps include the following Cotton + Steel collections
Honeymoon by Sarah Watts, Lucky Strike by Kimberly Kight,
Paper Bandana by Alexia Abegg, Picnic by Melody Miller,
and Zephyr by Rashida Coleman-Hale.
Quilting by Miriam Rawson.
In another chapter, we examine how to make individual triangle units called half-square triangles. I share my favorite two methods to get them from 5'' squares, as well as my secret to getting them flawless every time.
Rock Star quilt
Rock Star quilt by Vanessa Goertzen
Fabric is Fresh Cut by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics
Quilting by Vanessa Goertzen

And of course, half-square triangles lead to quarter-square triangles...
Somersault quilt
Somersault quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric is Daysail by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.
Quilting by Abby Latimer.
And finally, we delve into some wonky cuts to mix things up a bit.
Lunchbox quilt
Lunchbox quilt by Vanessa Goertzen.
Fabric is Serenity by Amy Ellis for Moda Fabrics.
Quilting by Abby Latimer.
I hope you've enjoyed this peek. Of course, these are just a few of the quilts--the book contains 18 design totals--I hope you'll pick up a copy to see the rest :) 
As you may imagine, a book is a huge undertaking. I could not have done it without the amazing team at C&T Publishing, my amazing quilters (thank you Abby and Natalia!), or Susan Vaughan who was my second pair of eyes in the editing phase. Thank you for listening to my ideas and giving them wings. And of course, a big thanks to my mom for being an invaluable sounding board and wrangler of children amidst crazy deadlines.