30 September 2016


dModa Neighborhood Block 4

Blogging two days in a row? This is crazy talk. Welcome to the Moda hood! 
Moda has put together a free house-themed quilt along and assigned all of the designers different house blocks :) It's a free pattern through quilt shops, read more about it here to know how to participate. And of course post your pics and find others on Instagram using the hashtag #ModaBeMyNeighbor.
I was assigned Block #4. Here are the blocks I mocked up using Olive's Flower Market fabric (shipping to shops next month).
Moda Neighborhood Block 4Moda Neighborhood Block 4Moda Neighborhood Block 4
I stitched up all three blocks and decided they were just begging to be made into house-shaped pillows. I think they turned out so cute. There are so many fun variations that could be done with this idea. I was in a rush, but I thought about adding a simple pocket on the back. Sky's the limit!
Moda Neighborhood Block 4


  1. Love your house pillows and house design!! So cute!

  2. Lovely blocks and cushions!

  3. so cute!! And I love this fabric line: I think it's my favorite line of fabric that has come out in forever!! Can't wait to sew with it! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  4. Super cute! I love how you made them into pillows! I think I need to make my daughter one!

  5. ADORABLE! I love your pillows! They are too cute!

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