18 February 2015


Hey Momo lovers! Today I get to give you a peek at Momo's newest line, Neco. What a happy and sweet line. If you are an animal lover, I think you will really dig these prints. In this collection you'll find lots of colorful nature scenes, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, polka dots, and scallops. It arrives in stores July 2015 and I'm crying because I too must wait until July to get my hands on it. Don't think for a second that prevented me from planning out some fun projects, though. Thanks to EQ7, I dreamed up a couple new quilts and just finished up the patterns for them. 
This first quilt is called Twirl. This quilt design is really a great way to show off the big and bold graphics of Neco and is so much fun to piece. It's a great pattern for beginners OR those of us who just like a quick project to turn out. All you need is 1 layer cake + 2 charm packs. 
Twirl quilt-top
The second quilt is called Hugs & Kisses (XOXO) and is also quick to piece. The design is made up of two basic blocks that are alternated to form the pattern you see below. To make this quilt, you'll need 1 jelly roll + 1 fat eighth. (This would also be a great scrapbuster.)
Hugs & Kisses (XOXO) quilt
It will be July before we know it and I can't wait to get my paws on this fabric! The good news is that I just finished writing these patterns and have the PDFs in the shop right away. To celebrate new patterns, I'm giving a 10% discount on PDFs for the rest of February when you enter the promo code MOMOLOVE at checkout. (NOTE: If you're looking for the paper patterns, they ARE available, just not in my shop. They are distributed exclusively through United Notions & Fabrics so check with your local/online quilt shops to see if they carry them.)
LB131 TwirlLB132 Hugs & Kisses (XOXO) quilt


  1. ohhh, I like both of these AND the new fabric from Momo! Hugs & Kisses needs 1 fat eighth in addition to a jelly roll - you mean just one fat eighth piece and NOT a fat eighth bundle...right?

    1. Right, just one fat eighth--a jelly roll was just barely not enough to make the amount of blocks I wanted. Thanks for asking!

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