08 July 2014

Wolf Bait

It will likely come as no surprise to you that I keep finding myself sewing projects for children. Not only do I have a few little ones running around, but the inspiration for my Into the Woods fabric itself was my own special childhood. In my last post you got to see my Rose Red woodland doll pattern, and now I'm happy to show you the Wolf Bait Nordic play cape pattern. (I need a nap.)
LB128 Wolf Bait (Nordic play cape)
This pattern was another collaboration with my mom, Miriam Rawson and she gets all the credit for its clever name. We just know that this sweet play cape will delight the Little Red Riding Hood in your life AND it can be made with or without a hood. You know, just in case you want to make it in purple with black ball trim for all the little Frozen movie lovers in your life?! 
Anyway, it's ready in the shop in PDF or paper format. But that's not all. Because it's my birth month, I'm offering a 20% 30% discount in the shop. Just enter the promo code PIONEERBABY at checkout before July is over and get 30% off ANYTHING your heart desires.
Into the Woods will be out in stores next month, so now is the time to stock up on the patterns! Enjoy. 


  1. Vanessa, I adore this!! And the name is perfect...kudos to your mom :)

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