19 December 2013

A Little Sugar

Willy Wonka's bag is finally ready! 
Just kidding. No but really, these colors are making me crave taffy.
I remembered on Tuesday that I needed to get a little something special together for someone who really needs it. I gathered my happiest scraps (mostly "It's a Hoot" by Momo for Moda + Alison Glass' "Text in Charcoal") and went nuts.
I kind of want one now. (Maybe after Christmas.)
Oh and I used Noodlehead's free Cargo Duffle pattern on Robert Kaufman's website
Well, sort of. (I left off the pockets and made it super scrappy.)
Now, to clean up my big mess. 
Merry Christmas, everyone! 

09 December 2013

Special Delivery

This afternoon, the UPS man dropped off a very happy package.
I'm sort of freaking out over here.
Now I don't mean to be a tease, but I cannot show you the contents of this box.
Okay so that's not entirely true. I can show you this:
That's my name on a fabric selvage. Wait that's my name AND Moda's name on a fabric selvage. CRAZY TOWN!!!! If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, it is obvious that I am a bit partial to Moda. To say that my dreams have come true would be understatement of the year.
I wish I could show you more, but you'll just have to wait a little while longer.
And if you need me, I'll be on cloud nine.

02 December 2013

Mantle Candy

I absolutely adore handmade holiday projects. If it weren't so impractical (and there were more hours in the day), I'd make new stockings every year. It's THAT fun. There is just something so special about making stockings for the people you love--of course, I love deliberating over the fabric and trim choices to fit each personality!

I truly believe that they are simple enough for anyone to make so I wanted to share a few tips on basic assembly. Let's get started!
 First, you'll need to pick out a stocking pattern you want to use--I'm demonstrating with my Twinkle Toes pattern.
No matter the pattern, there are three basic components you need to assemble a stocking: the stocking hanger, the stocking itself, and the lining (lining should be inside-out with an 4-5″ gap in the side).

You could also add an embellished stocking cuff. See my tutorial here on how to make one.
Once you've gathered all your components, it's time to sew them all together.
First, you'll need the [optional] embellished stocking cuff. Slip the cuff over the stocking, matching up the side-seams and aligning the raw edges at the top. 

Next, pinch the stocking hanger in half. Pin the hanger in place, centered over the side seams of the cuff/stocking.

Slip the pinned hanger/cuff/stocking into the lining, right sides together, aligning the side seams and raw top-edges once again. Pin all the layers in place along the stocking opening (don't pin the stocking shut). See why we’ve left a gap in the side of the lining? It’s how we’re going to turn this right-side out in a minute.
Sew around the stocking opening using 3/8″ seam allowance.

And now for the best part! Bring everything right-side out through the gap in the side of the lining!

Fold in the fabric in at the lining hole and pin shut. Stitch the opening closed using a needle and thread. (I recommend a ladder stitch.)

Tuck the lining into the stocking and you’re all set! They're ready to be hung on the mantle and stuffed with goodies.