19 August 2013

Wind Power

Two weeks without sewing is a really, REALLY long time for me. As a result, I went on a quilting binge and whipped this quilt together in the blink of an eye--just in time for 'Renzo's monthly picture. 
When I look at this quilt, I see a sea of spindly pinwheels reminiscent of the fields of wind turbines so characteristic of my new home here in West Texas. 

I set the blocks on-point. That's new for me. It was a fun experiment.

The fabric is "Mind Your P's & Q's" by Keiki for Moda (two charm packs), some Moda Bella Solid in Scarlet, Moda Bella Solid in Grass (binding), and Robert Kaufman's Yarn Dyed Flax in Linen. 

The boy must have agreed about the wind turbine comparison because he spent most of the time rolling around instead of holding still for pictures. I can't complain, really. I love those ham hocks.

I managed to convince him to sit still for a second but he wasn't very happy about it. He put on his best pout and insisted that he was missing out on a lot of good-quality rolling.

No pattern...yet.


  1. Adorable baby and really cute quilt. Cant wait for a pattern.

  2. When I look at this quilt I see 'Renzo climbing a lattice fence, trying to get to the pretty behind it! So cute! This post made me smile . . . especially the part about the ham hocks :o)

  3. Great quilt and I agree, love the ham hocks! He's a cutie pie.

  4. So very precious! Your quilt is lovely

  5. Such an appropriate pattern! I love those baby chubs.

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