18 July 2013

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Yup. He's growing like a weed. 
I was very thrilled to get this quilt in the mail from my mom. She taught a class using my Beep! Beep! quilt pattern (no longer in print, sorry) and made a model using Dear Stella's Ikebana fabric collection. I love this quilt so much!
Which reminds me...if you ever make something using one of my patterns or tutorials, please share! I love seeing what ya'll come up with. The Lella Boutique Flickr group is the perfect sharing place! Thanks to those who have already added photos!   

On a more boring note, we are getting ready to move in a couple weeks with many important unknowns (like where to) and my husband is getting ready to take the Florida bar exam around the same time. (Talk about stress!) 
I'm trying to get a few things packed every day which means this quilting thing has been taking a turn on the back burner. I hope you'll forgive me as the content of this blog may be a bit sparse in the next few weeks, but I'll post what I can!


  1. OOO are you leaving florida? We will be here when you are settled.

    1. We have to be out of our student housing so we may find a temporary place until we can figure out what the heck we are doing :) Which means another move won't be too far off :( Thanks for asking!

  2. Beautiful quilt, and happy half year to your little man. Hope the move all goes smoothly and with the minimum of hassle.

  3. I love this quilt and I love your baby!!!

  4. He's so cute and love your mom's version of the quilt! Good luck to your hubby on the bar exam :-)

  5. The quilt is adorable and so is your baby. Good luck on the move and for your husband taking the bar. I hope your family will be settled again soon.

  6. ohhh, what a sweet little baby =) love your blog!

    Best wishes from Germany.

    Karin from peppithecat.blogspot.com

  7. I hope it all goes smoothly. Maybe you could post some more of your simple recipes?

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