12 June 2013

Quilt Sale

Alright, my lovelies. As much as I hate goodbyes, we've got some overcrowding going on over here. Time to find some good homes for some of my favorites! 
*UPDATE* No longer available for purchase but enjoy some pics anyway!

Just check out the quilt section of my Etsy shop.You'll find Scavenger Hunt...

Sugar Rush...

...and a few others. Head over and check them out!

11 June 2013

Playing Tetris

Not that I ever have time to play video games, but if I could pick a favorite, it would definitely be Tetris. It probably has something to do with my love of organization and my overall OCD.
Anyway, about nine months ago, I started playing around with 2.5" strips of various lengths and came up with this Tetris-sort of quilt-top experiment. It sat around until this week when I decided to finish it up. I added some white fleece to the back, quilted lots of swirls, and bound it with some green scallops. Now, it's on its way to a sweet baby boy named Erick.
I know when I made the quilt-top that there was some sort of method to my madness, but time has made me forget what it was. Eventually, I think I'd like to revisit the idea and make it into a pattern. I think it still needs a little tinkering.