30 April 2013

Raggedy Flaggedy

I'm sporting a reeeeeally cheesy grin right now.

That's my "Raggedy Flaggedy" pillow on the cover of McCall's Quick Quilts! I thought I'd share a little peek. It's an easy project to whip up in an afternoon.

To view the complete pattern, go grab a copy of McCall's Quick Quilts (June/July 2013). It should be on your local newsstand any day now. A big thanks to my friends at McCall's for being so great to work with!
I've had a few people ask about the buttons so let me tell you about them! They are these lovely wooden buttons called "Simple Stars" by Favorite Findings. I found mine at Jo-Ann's in the button section but they are also available online if you google them. Oh and obviously I painted them white.


  1. OOO loving it! I cannot wait to get this issue!

  2. My cousin's a cover girl! That's wonderful!

  3. I love this and have made it except for the buttons. I have been to every fabric and craft store in a 60 mile radius and searched on line, and I can not find white 1" star shaped buttons. I bought 2 packages of Big Bag of Buttons that are all sizes of red, white and blue buttons. I didn't get enough of the right ones out of the 2 pks to make the 13 stars. If you know where I can find these, I would appreciate knowing. You can email me at mavethrave@gmail.com

    Thanks ~ Mavis Ellis

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