13 September 2012

Goody Goody Gum Drops

I had an absolutely wonderful week. First and foremost, I finally finished my Farmer's Wife beast!
I decided to use up my Bonnie & Camille fabric hoard (Ruby, Vintage Modern, & Marmalade) for this project and I must say that I am so pleased! Believe me when I say that pictures don't do it justice. It is ridiculously lovely, bright, and happy in person.
I was very naughty and departed from the Farmer's Wife assembly instructions. I stitched the blocks into rows (instead of on-point), I omitted the cornerstones (I foresaw disaster since the blocks didn't all end up being the exact same size), and I made the border as thick as I wanted (6"). Shame on me.
Sidenote: I have already been tempted to nibble on that yummy aqua binding.
Plenty of flaws in this quilt. (I don't know that these "piecing" projects are my cup of tea.) My husband said he didn't notice any of the flaws that I pointed out, so I'm just going to go ahead and pretend I don't see them either.

And of course, there's my favorite little lump testing it out. This quilt may live on her bed for a while so I can see it every day.
That quilt alone makes a great week, but then I paid a visit to the doctor last Thursday and received the great news that Olive is getting a brother! I can't wait to meet little Lorenzo in January. (Not sure what to do for his quilt, but I'll figure that out soon, I'm sure.)

06 September 2012

Twinkle Toes

It's never too early to begin plotting your Christmas decorating, right? I've been hoarding some of my favorite fabrics (Moda's "Vintage Modern" and "Ruby") to get mine going.  I have a big crush on the red and white houndstooth at the moment.
I've made some funky little elf-inspired stockings. 

The pattern is now available in the shop in PDF format so you can start scheming about how you will deck your own halls in a couple of months.  I absolutely adore little projects like this--especially when it comes to picking out fabrics and trims! I'm having a hard time deciding which stocking is my favorite!

01 September 2012


Will I ever be finished with my Farmer's Wife quilt? Surely.
Here is the newest batch (several weeks in the making). I've become obsessed with incorporating more red. I love the contrast it adds.
Only 27 more to go!