18 July 2012

On the Bandwagon

I know, I know, the Farmer's Wife madness is nothing new. I got the book for Christmas after slobbering over everybody else's blocks and then didn't crack it open until last week. Now I can't stop making them. 
I think part of what took me so long was the debate over what fabric colors to use.  I finally decided that I wouldn't fight my love of Bonnie & Camille's fabrics (since it seems like I use them for just about everything) and got started. I really love that I can mix and match a lot of their collections together. Most of these blocks are made of Marmalade, but bits of Ruby and Vintage Modern are slowly creeping in.  
I think most people are making them at a leisurely pace (2 blocks per week), but I suppose that is so they can work on other things and keep this as a side project.  As for me, just as I finish one, I can't wait to start on the next.  My hope is to have it finished in no time! 
I think I am the last person on earth to get started.


  1. Oh my goodness! Not only do I love your blocks but I love your fabric choices!!

  2. Your blocks are so cute! And I love them in these fabrics! I'm definitely drooling over yours more than anyone else's.

  3. oh wow! your color selection is lovely, this might be one of the best farmer's wife blocks I have seen, very nice!

  4. And you are not the last person on earth to get started. I am. :)

  5. I may have y'all beat! I have never even heard of the Farmer's Wife!! My Gram was a quilter, God Rest Her Soul but I havent started w/ fabric blocks yet. I have made blankets or 'quilts' w/ cross stitch blocks & an OLD product called Liquid Embroidery. I DO have 2 quilt tops that my Gram had started & never finished. I am so afraid to wash them for fear they will fall apart. I love the blocks you have shown. Very colorful!!! You have me wanting to go cut up all my fab scraps & make a quilt now!!! LOL