31 May 2012

Half-Square Triangles

When you're new to quilting, things look much more challenging than they actually are. As dumb as it sounds, I avoided anything involving triangles for a long time because I didn't know how to make them and just assumed they were difficult. Thank heavens I learned! They are unbelievably easy and fun!
To make a pair of half-square triangles, you need two fabric squares of equal size. In this example, I am using two 5" squares. On the wrong side of the lighter square, draw a diagonal line using a ruler and pencil or pen.
Face the marked square right sides together with your other 5" square.
After aligning the raw edges, pin the squares in place so they won't shift as you sew them.
Next, use 1/4" seam allowance to sew along both sides of the marked line.
Carefully cut along the drawn line to yield two [folded] half-square triangles.
Unfold each half-square triangle block and iron the seams open and flat.
You end up with two of these beauties! Unbelievably easy, right?
Then all you have to do is make a few more and start making fun things with them. Like a pinwheel.
Or a spunky chevron quilt.
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18 May 2012

Supper at Olive's

Before the move, I used some of my leftover "Ruby" fabric to make some sweet little placemats for Olive's wee dining table.
This tutorial is perfect for those of you who have never made a quilt but want to learn how. (These placemats are basically minature quilts, which means you will learn all the necessary quilting steps as you make them.)