27 March 2012

In a Bind

This week, I postponed my Hopscotch activity to make a baby quilt for one of my friends.  She said she wanted a simple design with blue and green.  Here's a little peek of how it turned out! And yes, that is yummy minky on the back. I hope she likes it! 
The quilt pattern is called Spare Change and it's a modern twist on a traditional coin quilt.  Now available in my shop
Now, when it comes to binding quilts, my favorite method involves stitching it in place by hand. It takes a little more time, but I feel like it always looks flawless! Today, I found myself with limited time to get a binding done, so I decided to top-stitch the binding in place. I thought I would share a few tips since it is a handy thing to know how to do! 

21 March 2012

Ready to Hopscotch

It's been lovely watching my scrap pile get a little bit smaller, but I still have a ways to go. Here are the scraps I have unearthed for the next project:
I have had the blue and green floral print ("Natural Effects Floral" for Marcus Fabrics) in my supply for years and have been dying to use it.  I would have used it sooner, but I didn't really have anything to match it.  I think I've unearthed some pretty spectacular scraps to go with it.  I'll probably be adding some green, still deliberating.  
I love Camille Roskelley's new Hopscotch pattern and have been excited to make one for me. I think it could be a good use for my scraps.
Can't wait to get started!

12 March 2012


It is common knowledge that every wee baker is in need of a stylish apron, oven mitt, and hot pad set. Ever since Olive started cooking up goldfish crackers and pink legos, I knew it was time to design the pattern.

The double-layered apron features a sweet quilted-heart pocket perfect for storing a few fruit snacks. I made the apron ties extra-long to wrap completely around the waist and tie in a bow in the front; the pattern also includes the option to have shorter ties if you want to tie it in back. The cute little oven mitt and hot pads are perfect for handling itty-bitty pots and pans--though they are not intended for actual oven usage. Why is everything so much cuter in miniature form?!
I've made the pattern available in my shop by paper or PDF. (PDF patterns are e-mailed immediately.) The pattern is designed for beginners and includes detailed instructions and diagrams to make the complete baking set.

Giveaway portion of this post is closed.

08 March 2012


Oh happy day, the Circus Swoon is complete! I really enjoyed following Camille's Swoon pattern and am already hankering to make another one. 
Here's an overall shot of how it turned out:
Swoon swoon swoooooooooon!
For the quilting, I gave it the swirly treatment and completed it in an afternoon. I would have loved to spend more time (and thread) doing something really creative, but alas, I am still trying to recover from week it took to quilt Meander.
I laid it out in the screened-in porch area (a.k.a. Olive's playplace) to take a picture and decided it looked like the perfect spot for an picnic in the shade. Maybe Olive and I can have a tea party on it after she wakes up from her nap.  Lovely.