26 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Lella.

I've been blogging for a year now.  This time last year, I was finally feeling settled in Florida, feeling like I was getting the hang of a new baby, and trying to figure out what how to best channel my creativity (and keep everything else balanced). Lella Boutique was born.
I wasn't really sure what I wanted this blog to be. It started out as a way to document the projects I was working on. I wanted to include detailed tutorials for my friends who had always expressed a desire in sewing. As I started putting more and more time into templates and patterns, I realized that design is where I have really wanted to focus my time and energy.
January has really given me the opportunity to do a lot of thinking about how last year went, things I want to change, my vision for this blog, etc. My most pressing issue is that my family remains my number one priority. I know how lucky I am to be at home to take care of them and want to ensure that they also know they are my priority.  (When Olive toddles over and tries to shut my laptop, I know I'm in trouble.)
I have so many ideas and such little time to do them, I'm trying to scale back a little bit. There aren't enough hours in the day and I'm trying to accept this and slow down. I always feel like I'm in such a hurry to get things done.
So here's what to expect for 2012:
  • I will still try to keep up a new post every week. I'm not cutting out tutorials, but they may be fewer.
  • More patterns. I've got lots of ideas floating around and can't wait to let them out.
  • Scrap liquidation. I have a ridiculous amount of fabric, so I've banned myself from buying any more until I can significantly reduce this pile. I've been dying to "Swoon," make my "Farmer's Wife" blocks, sew up a "Katie" quilt, and start my latest favorite, "Hopscotch."  Do you remember these cute dresses from my post about quilt market last spring?  I think Olive needs this "Daisy" dress by Bananafana to be made in time for Easter.
  • GOOD SECRETS!!! I have some things I'm working on that can't be shared at this time. So basically, anytime you see a recipe posted, I'm really probably working away on something classified.
What sort of projects have you been putting off? Will you be making time for them?  


  1. Happy Birthday Lella! I seriously have not sewn in 6 weeks! I think I sewed myself into the ground in 2011. I have decided to cut way back as soon as I can be motivated to thread my machine. Because, like you, my family is numero uno.

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