28 December 2012

Baking for Moda

A couple months back, I decided that Olive reeeeeeeeeeally needed some pretty Moda Marmalade floor pillows to go in her room. With so many yummy colors in her Farmer's Wife quilt, it was a good opportunity to bring out some of those colors that had been a bit neglected.  Like the beautiful orange, for example.

Here's how they turned out! (Yay for more orange.) Oh and good news--I have a little tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop so you can make some of these sweet floor pillows.

I could not anticipate all of the uses my child would come up with--but my favorite is that it has become a bed for Tigger (amongst many other toys).

My friend, Suzi, whipped up a few for Christmas presents and I just had to share a picture of how cute hers turned out.  I love her fabrics choices and I love that she customized them with the kids' names on top.
Set made by Suzi

29 November 2012

Grammy's Knitting Organizer

Christmas gift-making activities are in full swing over here! This week, I made a knitting needle organizer for my mother-in-law.
I'm sad to say that I don't own a single knitting needle to display in it. (I hope you'll forgive my display of markers in the organizer instead.) My organizer ended up with a total of 24 pockets ranging from 1" to about 4"-wide; you can certainly customize the pocket quantity/sizes as you see fit. The tallest slots should be able to store up to 14" needles. Oh and the marker boxes are supposed to represent where you could put circular needles.
Materials Needed:
  • One fat quarter for the exterior
  • One fat quarter for the interior
  • One yard of fabric for the pockets
  • One 18 x 22" piece of batting
  • One yard of ribbon OR a 3-1/2 x 36" strip of fabric for the tie

15 November 2012

Hibernate: A Man-Quilt

Every year, my brothers and I participate in a Christmas gift rotation. This year, I have my little brother, Mikey. 
I really felt like I needed to do something extra special for him--poor guy lost everything in an apartment fire a couple years ago and is still replacing items. One of those items lost was a quilt my mom made for him. Even though I know there's no way I can replace the sentiment he felt about that quilt, I thought a new one might be good anyway. 
Thankfully, I had all year to ponder over what the perfect man-quilt might look like. I was in a stupor most of the year, but finally found inspiration in these yummy yarn-dyed flannels (Primo Plaids for Marcus Fabrics). What is more manly than cozy flannel plaids?! I'm soooo glad my mom told me about them and agreed to send me some of her stash.

Last week, I started cutting it all up and piecing it all together.

It is the largest quilt I've ever made. Let's just say that I could have happily foregone the basting process.
I'm more than relieved it is finished and now a little sad I don't get to keep it.  Do you think Mikey will grant visitation rights? The free pattern is super simple and up on Marcus Fabrics' website.

08 November 2012

Embellish a Stocking Cuff

***Contest now closed*** 
How are your stockings coming along for the contest?
Just wanted to direct you to a little tutorial I put together on how to embellish a stocking cuff for those of you who would like a few tips and tricks.
The tutorial is up at HoneyBear Lane--be sure to take a quick visit and pin it so it's easy to find when you need it!
*Oh and one quick note I need to mention regarding the stocking contest--you must use a "Merry" or "Twinkle Toes" pattern to enter. People have asked, so I just want to make sure there is zero confusion in the matter.    
See the full contest rules here and be sure to ask any additional questions you have! 

18 October 2012

Simply {Posh} Little Chair

It is common knowledge that every child is in need of a suitable place to sit. 
It all started with this little table and chair set purchased last year (IKEA-$20). (I can't believe it took me this long to spruce it up.)

11 October 2012

Lorenzo's Corner

Can't wait for my sweet little guy to get here. Of course, I've got Olive and my neverending project list to keep me busy, so I'm sure he'll be here in no time. 
For now, Lorenzo's crib is living in our room. Not ideal, but I just know he will NEVER sleep if he shares a room with his spirited sister. That won't stop me from decorating! 
I've already whipped up a batch of my crib bumpers with piping.  I love how they turned out! If you haven't seen my free tutorial, you can check it out here.

I used an aqua houndstooth print ("Vintage Modern" by Bonnie & Camille for Moda), the coordinating aqua polka dot for the piping, and simple white ties.   
I love a good, crisp bow!  
Now I just need a quilt to match.  Oh wait! Remember when I made one of Camille's Hopscotch quilts?  Well it matches. (And I was sooo hoping for a good excuse to hold onto it!) It even has fleece on the back.  Perfect!
So there it lives. I even found a pillow in storage that goes with it.

To be honest, I will still probably make another quilt for Lorenzo.  (One just doesn't seem to be enough to quell my quilting appetite).  Plus, I'm lusting after some lovely gray and red fabrics at the moment. So there you have it.

04 October 2012

Halloween Potpourri

Ahem, October, AHEM. What is this 89 degree nonsense? And 77% humidity?! I will cut you. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I would not want this. Get your act together, Florida! Olive and I are not happy about this!
On the bright side, I'm looking forward to all the activities that go along with October. Do you remember my dinner in a pumpkin post from last year? It's pretty much the best thing ever. Chomping at the bit to do it soon.
Now, if you're hankering to do some Halloween quilting, check out all six Halloween block tutorials from last year! I made a table runner last year, but I kind of want to make a whole bunch of them for a Halloween quilt!  Wouldn't that be yummy? Yes, as I am sitting here, I think I have decided to make a Halloween quilt.  Anyone going to join me?!
Lella Boutique: Halloween quilt blocks
This morning I whipped up this cute little framed spider web--all thanks to this idea I saw on Pinterest last year.
Not sure where I've stashed my autumn table runner, so I'll probably be making another as soon as I get the dining table re-painted. See that full tutorial here.
Lella Boutique: Autumn Table Runner Tutorial
Ah yes, the candy bowl is full for the time being. Any bets on how long before it is empty?  We hardly get any trick-or-treaters over here, but we still buy a lot of candy! Muah ha ha ha! It's become our tradition to buy stuff we like and PRAY for a lack of trick-or-treaters.
What fun Halloween things are you working on? 

13 September 2012

Goody Goody Gum Drops

I had an absolutely wonderful week. First and foremost, I finally finished my Farmer's Wife beast!
I decided to use up my Bonnie & Camille fabric hoard (Ruby, Vintage Modern, & Marmalade) for this project and I must say that I am so pleased! Believe me when I say that pictures don't do it justice. It is ridiculously lovely, bright, and happy in person.
I was very naughty and departed from the Farmer's Wife assembly instructions. I stitched the blocks into rows (instead of on-point), I omitted the cornerstones (I foresaw disaster since the blocks didn't all end up being the exact same size), and I made the border as thick as I wanted (6"). Shame on me.
Sidenote: I have already been tempted to nibble on that yummy aqua binding.
Plenty of flaws in this quilt. (I don't know that these "piecing" projects are my cup of tea.) My husband said he didn't notice any of the flaws that I pointed out, so I'm just going to go ahead and pretend I don't see them either.

And of course, there's my favorite little lump testing it out. This quilt may live on her bed for a while so I can see it every day.
That quilt alone makes a great week, but then I paid a visit to the doctor last Thursday and received the great news that Olive is getting a brother! I can't wait to meet little Lorenzo in January. (Not sure what to do for his quilt, but I'll figure that out soon, I'm sure.)

06 September 2012

Twinkle Toes

It's never too early to begin plotting your Christmas decorating, right? I've been hoarding some of my favorite fabrics (Moda's "Vintage Modern" and "Ruby") to get mine going.  I have a big crush on the red and white houndstooth at the moment.
I've made some funky little elf-inspired stockings. 

The pattern is now available in the shop in PDF format so you can start scheming about how you will deck your own halls in a couple of months.  I absolutely adore little projects like this--especially when it comes to picking out fabrics and trims! I'm having a hard time deciding which stocking is my favorite!

01 September 2012


Will I ever be finished with my Farmer's Wife quilt? Surely.
Here is the newest batch (several weeks in the making). I've become obsessed with incorporating more red. I love the contrast it adds.
Only 27 more to go!

25 August 2012

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream

This particular Farmer's Wife block taunted me all summer long. Every time I looked at it, I thought of my favorite pink ice cream full of bananas, pineapple, and maraschino cherries. But alas, we had not brought the ice cream maker with us out west for the summer, so I was left with a craving instead.
Finally! We are home and unpacked, so I made a batch! Here's what you need to make Grandma's sacred recipe:
  • 3 C. sugar 
  •  1/4 C. lemon juice 
  •  2 or 3 bananas, mashed 
  •  10 oz. jar maraschino cherries, roughly chopped 
  •  2 T. of the maraschino cherry juice
  •  15 oz. crushed pineapple 
  •  1 pint cream 
  • 2 C. whole milk 
  •  Ice, rock salt, etc. 
Yeah, I know. Three cups of sugar sounds like a lot but really it's probably why it is the best ice cream in the world.
I find it easiest to combine the ingredients in a pitcher--which makes it easier to pour into my 2 qt ice cream machine later.  If you have a larger ice cream machine, you can probably just make it directly in there.
Basically, you're just going to combine all the ingredient together and stir well. Add the mixture to your ice cream maker until it's about 2/3 full (but no more than 3/4 full).  Let the ice cream maker run according to manufacturer instructions--mine only takes about 20 min! Yipee!

09 August 2012

Charmed by the Mini

Have you seen the mini charm packs by Moda?! Cuter than buttons, I tell you. I recently acquired one in Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille and knew it would be perfect for the baby doll quilt I have been hankering to make for Olive.
Materials Needed:
  • Mini charm pack (Forty-two 2.5" squares) 
  • One fat quarter neutral fabric 
  • One fat quarter border fabric  
  •  3/4 yard back fabric 
  •  32 x 32" batting scrap
  • One fat quarter binding fabric

26 July 2012

Labyrinth Love

Once upon a time, I fell in love with Brigitte Heitland's White Labyrinth quilt. I met it at Spring Quilt Market 2011. Talk about an amazing design!  I love the quilting too.
At last, I got an excuse to make one, though not for keeps. I made this one for a friend who selected beautiful reds and browns from Marcus Fabrics' Cotton Club collection.  She requested a larger quantity of the colorful fabrics to be incorporated into the design.

I imagine that a gray and white version could be quite stunning. I really love Brigitte's philosophy of designing quilts to go with a room, and not the room to go with the quilt.  It totally makes sense.  As a result, her designs are simple, clean, and stunning.

I would love to make another when I am willing to spend the time doing all the cutting (it took forever!). And maybe when I have a little more spare time in general.  That would help.