10 October 2010


Vanessa Goertzen
It was inevitable that I should become a quilter. Addictions of this magnitude tend to be familial--and boy have I been predisposed. I've got my mother to blame--she shared her sewing and design knowledge with me since I was a little girl. It started with playing in her fabric stash and evolved to a full-blown quilt addiction by the time I was a teenager. Of all my mother's talents, however, I was most impressed by her ability to incorporate a bit of magic into everything she touched.
Now that I am grown, I find myself revisiting my childhood as a source of inspiration. Back in 2010, I quit my job to stay at home with a new baby. After a few months of adjusting to my new role as mother, I became reacquainted with my sewing machine and decided to start this blog and a pattern company called Lella Boutique. This name came about because of the sweet pink dress my mom made for me to twirl around in when I was a toddler. I called it my "Lella" dress--"Lella" being my way of saying "Cinderella" at that age. I could think of no sweeter emblem than that beloved dress to remind me to incorporate all of those wonderful childhood elements into my creative process. 
I have always been drawn to the beautiful fabrics of Moda, and began the joyful experience of designing fabric for them in 2013. (I'm still pinching myself on that one.) My first book, Charm School - 18 Quilts from 5'' Squares (C&T Publishing/Stash Books) hit the shelves early 2017 and there's another slated for September 2019: Jelly Filled - 18 Quilts from 2½" Strips. The best part of my job is that it allows me to stay home and be mama to my two spunky children, Olive and Lorenzo--who also like making things and keep life exciting down in southern Utah.