07 March 2019

Spring Cleaning

Sugar Cookie charcoal
Got a jump-start on my spring cleaning this year--I'm one of those weirdos who really loves cleaning haha! Anyway, I came upon a tester block from my Sugar Cookie quilt from a few years back. It's made with the pretty pinks and charcoals of Olive's Flower Market, BasicGrey's Vanilla Grunge, and Moda's Classic Chicken Wire prints. I've encountered the block a few times over the years, and I like it every time I see it. I figured it was high time to resurrect it from the forgotten pile and made into a full quilt. Here's the plan mocked up (chicken wire background missing):
Sugar Cookie6
Turns out it's a really quick quilt to put together--it took me a couple afternoons. Once it's quilted and bound, it's going to live in my daughter's room. (The one the fabric is named after.)
Sugar Cookie is made with 1 charm pack-- perfect for those lone charm packs you have been holding onto. Of course, you can also cut your own 5'' squares from your scrap pile or fat quarters. During March, the Sugar Cookie pattern is only $5 in PDF or paper formats. Here's the dreamy original pieced and quilted by April Rosenthal. I adore the sampler style quilting she came up with. (Thanks, April!)
 Sugar Cookie5
And who could forget this one, quilted by Natalia Bonner?
Sugar Cookie pattern by Lella Boutique
Spring break is next week (March 11-16) so the kids and I are heading out of town. Get 10% off in the shop through 3/17/19 using promo code SPRINGBREAK10 at checkout. Paper patterns will resume shipping Monday, March 18th.

13 February 2019

Moda Blockheads: Round 2 {Block 44}

We're in the last stretch of Moda Blockheads 2! Yay!
Here's block no. 44 "Candy Striper." (Free PDF instructions available here.) Its construction is log cabin style, with a stripe-y twist. I made mine colorful and scrappy...
...but had originally mocked it up with a simpler color scheme. Lots of fun options depending on the look you're going for.
Candy Striper finished block
Now that we're in the final stretch of making blocks, you can begin to assemble the quilt-top! (The layout information can be found here.) I'm following the general layout (as far as which size goes where), but have been swapping blocks around (within their size groups) for optimal color balance. Here's a little peek as of a few weeks ago:
 If you're looking for a complete archive of the blocks, check out my original post here (updated weekly).
Oh and before I forget--my pattern of the month is Cottontail/Little Cottontail, which means it's only $5 in February. 
Little Cottontail pillow Cottontail quilt

23 January 2019

Lollipop Garden {the coordinates]

lg bellas
You've been asking, so here they are--your Moda Bella solid coordinates to Lollipop Garden:
  • 9900 203 Orchid
  • 9900 89 Tea Rose
  • 9900 145 Sisters Pink
  • 9900 297 Peach Blossom
  • 9900 272 Canary
  • 9900 101 Grass
  • 9900 34 Aqua
Also-in January, you can snag my Open Heart pattern for only $5. It's available in PDF here or paper here. Isn't it looking so sweet in Lollipop Garden?!
open heart LG2
I've also just reordered more Kaleidoscope patterns with an updated cover in LG. You can make this one with a Jelly Roll (for a scrappy look) or yardage (for a duo-tone version). 
LB135 Kaleidoscope cover
Trying to catch up on Moda Blockheads, hoping to share more about that soon.

21 December 2018

Little Tree

Little Tree fabric by Lella Boutique
There is a magical charm in the air at Christmas time. Picture a fresh blanket of snow, a snow-kissed tree decorated with flowers and ribbon, and plenty of snuggles in handmade quilts. This Little Tree collection is a piece of my Christmas-loving heart. With it, you can deck your halls (and beds) in sweet poetry, red and white poinsettias, mistletoe, farmhouse stripes, embossed tin, and of course--little trees.
Little Tree by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics will begin shipping to shops in May 2019. One of my favorite things about this group is a giant Christmas quilt panel ready to be quilted, bound, and loved.
Little Tree Panel
Quilt it as-is, incorporate it into a backing--or make it even bigger with a border! I'm thinking I'd like to add a scrappy block border to one. Stay tuned for that--I've got another year, right? ;) Oh and the pretty edge-to-edge quilting you see here is by Natalia Bonner
Little Tree + coordinates
Here is your list of the Moda basics that coordinate nicely with the collection:
  1. Grunge 30150 265 "Cherry" by BasicGrey 
  2. Bella Solid 9900 102 "Prairie Green
  3. Bella Solid 9900 34 "Aqua"
  4. Bella Solid 9900 98 "White Bleached"
  5. Bella Solid 9900 284 Charcoal 
And of course I've got a batch of quilt pattern ideas for you--some old, some new. Check them out in the shop and get 25% off with promo code LITTLETREE25 at checkout. (Valid through 1/1/2019.) 
LB181 Forest Cover LB179 Icebox Cover LB180 Hustle & Bustle cover

LB145 By the Chimney Cover LB122 Starstruck Cover LB157 By the Chimney Mini COVER

14 November 2018

Moda Blockheads: {Block 31} Interstellar

Good morning, fellow Blockheads!
Things have been pretty hectic lately with new fabric and new quilt patterns--I hope you'll check them out in previous posts!
 Lollipop Garden fabricDiamond Dust quilt
Today I have a new block for you called Interstellar. If you are new to curved piecing, this is a great way to get your feet wet. It's not as difficult as you think and is very forgiving. Here's my mockup for the block using my Garden Variety fabric--just arriving in shops!
Interstellar finished block 
You can download the free pattern here. Please note there is a correction--Square H should be 1 3/4'' x 1 3/4''. Thanks for stopping by!

30 October 2018

Lollipop Garden {The Projects}

Lollipop Garden quilts
Time for a new batch of quilts using Lollipop Garden fabric. But first--I'm offering a discount--get 20% off in my shop using promo code LOLLIPOP20 now through 11.10.18 at checkout. Now for the quilts!
LB174 BLING Cover
This pattern came about because of Moda Blockheads-- a fun block-of-the-week program featuring free blocks from Moda designers such as myself. This is a modified version of my Impact block from that. Make this quilt with fat eighths or fat quarters, then set it on point with side/corner triangles in your favorite accent color. (I've used an aqua print from the collection.)
Bling quilt
Marion Bott quilted everything this time around and she did a fabulous job. She has an amazing eye for picking out the perfect pantograph and scaling it densely--just how I like it! 
This is my first pattern using mini charm packs... about time! If you're like me, I've collected oodles of those sweet little mini charm packs over the years, but never really knew what to use them for. This 4'' version of my Open Heart block really fit the bill. One of my favorite things about this project is that 1 mini charm pack will make 3 pin cushions (including a scrappy patchwork back!). It's also fun to challenge yourself and make something with teeny pieces like this. Gives one bragging rights, don't you think?
Mini Open Heart Pin Cushion
LB176 Butterfly Patch COVER
This one was inspired by my Social Butterfly pattern--still one of my bestselling pattern since its release back in early 2015. This time around, I've enlarged that sweet butterfly shape and filled it in with beginner-level blocks for a sampler-sort of feel. This one was very quick to put together and is made with 1 Layer Cake of Lollipop Garden fabric. Moda will be offering this in a special boxed kit. 
Butterfly Patch quilt
LB177 Diamond Dust COVER
Lately, I have been absolutely smitten with teeny tiny pieces. There is something just wonderful about the feeling you get after making something with small pieces.  This is my favorite quilt of the bunch, and the smallest of squares in this finish at 1/2''. They key with this one is paying attention to the seam allowance (for consistency) and pressing the seams carefully. (I use a lot of steam so I took care to handle it minimally so it wouldn't warp.) But just look at that quilting! I'm smitten.
Diamond Dust quilt
This one can be made with 2 charm packs. Or 6 mini charm packs. Or 9 fat eighths. Or scraps. Choose anything you'd like really. Your precuts don't even need to be of the same collection as this design does not rely on that. You can also choose to do an all-white background like I did, or opt for a fun checkerboard design using a favorite print. I haven't made a checkerboard one yet, but it's definitely in the plan. I'm thinking it could be a super cute boy quilt if I stick to just boyish colors. What do you think?
diamond dust
LB178 Square Dance COVER
This one makes me think of the scrappy quilts I used to see at Grandma's house when I was young.  It's funny how quilting has changed--we buy yardage now, but Grandma's quilts would carry bits of old aprons or dresses. Whatever they could find, really. Square Dance has a similar hodgepodge sort of charm and is made with 1 Jelly Roll.
Square Dance quilt
What do you think? Do you have a favorite? All the pattern are available now in PDF or paper and the fabric collection will ship to shops April 2019.
Lollipop Garden fabric

26 October 2018

Lollipop Garden

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever." -Alfred Lord Tennyson
The highlight of my childhood summers was visiting my grandmother's ranch in the Colorado mountains. A walk through her rustic yard was to know her heart.  A profusion of flowers and raspberry bushes laden with sweet fruit drew butterflies, filling the garden with color.  In the evening, we would fall asleep watching a tangerine sky go dark, then awaken to diamond-dust sunbeams dancing across the room.  
Lollipop Garden is a scrapbook of those lovely days.
Lollipop Garden by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics is showing at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX Nov 3-5 2018 and will ship to shops April 2019.

12 September 2018

Moda Blockheads: Round 2 [Block 18]

Good morning, Blockheads!
I haven't gotten around to piecing no. 18 yet, but here is my mock-up. This is another one of my designs called MishMash. Find the link to the block here. Can't wait to see yours.
MishMash finished block
I've been busy teaching this month, and if you happen to be at Missouri Star Quilt Co's 10 year birthday bash next week, come say hi and pick up a goodie! I'll be doing demos in the main shop, and thanks to Moda, bringing lots and lots to give away.
BBAttendingFB1200x628_09062017 copy
Because I'm a little behind on my blocks, check out the bottom of my original post here where you can get Basic Instructions, as well as a listing of all the blocks released so far. Happy quilting!