28 December 2012

Baking for Moda

A couple months back, I decided that Olive reeeeeeeeeeally needed some pretty Moda Marmalade floor pillows to go in her room. With so many yummy colors in her Farmer's Wife quilt, it was a good opportunity to bring out some of those colors that had been a bit neglected.  Like the beautiful orange, for example.

Here's how they turned out! (Yay for more orange.) Oh and good news--I have a little tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop so you can make some of these sweet floor pillows.

I could not anticipate all of the uses my child would come up with--but my favorite is that it has become a bed for Tigger (amongst many other toys).

My friend, Suzi, whipped up a few for Christmas presents and I just had to share a picture of how cute hers turned out.  I love her fabrics choices and I love that she customized them with the kids' names on top.
Set made by Suzi

20 December 2012

Drumroll Please...

knock our stockings off contest and patterns 
Let me first start out by saying  WOW!!!!! 
I want to take just a second to thank each and every one of you who submitted entries for this contest. I know I speak for the judges when I say that it was a total blast looking through the entries and extremely challenging to narrow it down to two winners. I wish I had a prize for every single one of you.
I also need to thank Fat Quarter Shop for providing such tantalizing prizes! Not that you would have forgotten, but here is what's in store for our winners:

1st Place Prize:     2nd Place Prize:

In addition, I'm giving each winner a bundle of my favorite fat quarters!
After much deliberation, we're finally ready to announce our winners!
First place prize goes to sarahjo03! She knocked our stockings off by using Camille's "Merry" pattern to put together an amazing collection of lovely stockings with creative embellishments.  Here is her winning entry:
12.15.12 002
Our second place winner is Danette Riddle. She used the "Twinkle Toes" pattern to make a stunning set of elf-toed stockings in red and aqua.  Here is her winning entry:
Bliss and Dots stocking
Congratulations, ladies! Please send me an e-mail so I can get your prizes sent out!
If you haven't already visited the Knock Our Stockings Off Flickr group, you must! Take a few minutes and check out all of the amazing entries! (Due to some of the photos' privacy settings, you need to be logged in to see all 98 pictures.)
Congratulations to everyone on such wonderful entries! I know it took a lot of thought and time and it makes my heart so happy to see them all. 
Big thanks to Camille, Heidi, Kari, Lulu, and Katy for being such great judges!  I couldn't have done it without you! 
May you all have a Merry Christmas. XO

11 December 2012


You know that fabric you have in your stash that is so lovely that you don't want to cut it up? Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda has been that one for me. I had a precious little layer cake of it in my stash and just could not decide what to do with it.
Finally! After much deliberation, I decided to cut it up and make a simple 4-to-9 patch. So glad I did! It's got an heirloom-sort of look, don't you think?

If you've never made a 4-to-9 patch, it is really quite fun and easy! (It's sort of like making a basic block quilt but involves a few cutting tricks to achieve the "lickety-split.")
Anyway, I had so much fun making it that I knew I had to make it into a pattern for you. It's a great way to use a layer cake (OR fat quarters) and is now available in the shop

For now, it sits in my living room, neatly tucked into my favorite basket-o-snuggles. 

06 December 2012

Sugar Rush

My sweet tooth has been a little out of control lately. (Just ask my dear husband--he's in the kitchen making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for me. This just means my baby boy will turn out extra sweet, right?)
My appetite for sugar has started to manifest itself in my quilting. (Is it just me or is Moda's "Oh Deer" collection almost good enough to eat?) 

Also, I keep seeing marbled cheesecake in the quilting. Hmm.
I think this is my new favorite! People have asked, so I do want to say that it's a LOT easier than it looks--I think you'd be surprised, actually. I would say the skill level falls somewhere between beginner and intermediate, and that anyone who has made a few quilts would be comfortable making it (it's seriously just a combination of beginner techniques). 
Anyway, I've finally finished the pattern (layer cake-friendly, ya'll!) and it's now available in my shop. Get one while they're fresh out of the oven!