24 October 2012

Quilt Market & Beyond

Last week, I was busy making a few things for the Marcus Fabrics' Quilt Market Booth for Houston. It was quite a rush! I got my box of happy fabric on Monday afternoon and would need to ship out the goods around Friday. Oooh eeee I love a good challenge! 
Friday came, and I'm happy to report that I got everything done--special thanks to Olive.  She even helped me get everything ready to ship out Friday morning.

Olive also insisted on helping me put the pins back in the pincushion.  What would I do without her?
Here's a quick look at the stuff I made... 
The first item was a dress using this "Adele" pattern by Ruby Jean's Closet. That rainbow stripe print is my absolute favorite! I would love a whole bolt of it. 
I also made a little apron to go over the dress, as well as a stuffed owl.  (No pattern for those--just literally threw those together).
Then I made a little fabric art organizer.  No pattern for this either, but I would love to make another one (making a few adjustments) and post a tutorial. 
Finally, I made a mini (doll-sized) version of my Spare Change quilt pattern and a little scrappy pillow with ball-fringe. I think I kicked some serious butt in 3-1/2 days.
Making clothing is not my strong suit, nor does it generally bring me much joy, but I really wanted to make Olive one after shipping off the other.
I used the same dress pattern mentioned above but basically only used it as a foundation for what you see below. (I made about two million changes and additions.) So happy how Olive's scrappy little play dress turned out!

In case you are wondering about the fabrics, they are "Ruby" and "Vintage Modern" by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. (Yes, I am a Bonnie & Camille addict in case you haven't noticed.)

18 October 2012

Simply {Posh} Little Chair

It is common knowledge that every child is in need of a suitable place to sit. 
It all started with this little table and chair set purchased last year (IKEA-$20). (I can't believe it took me this long to spruce it up.)

11 October 2012

Lorenzo's Corner

Can't wait for my sweet little guy to get here. Of course, I've got Olive and my neverending project list to keep me busy, so I'm sure he'll be here in no time. 
For now, Lorenzo's crib is living in our room. Not ideal, but I just know he will NEVER sleep if he shares a room with his spirited sister. That won't stop me from decorating! 
I've already whipped up a batch of my crib bumpers with piping.  I love how they turned out! If you haven't seen my free tutorial, you can check it out here.

I used an aqua houndstooth print ("Vintage Modern" by Bonnie & Camille for Moda), the coordinating aqua polka dot for the piping, and simple white ties.   
I love a good, crisp bow!  
Now I just need a quilt to match.  Oh wait! Remember when I made one of Camille's Hopscotch quilts?  Well it matches. (And I was sooo hoping for a good excuse to hold onto it!) It even has fleece on the back.  Perfect!
So there it lives. I even found a pillow in storage that goes with it.

To be honest, I will still probably make another quilt for Lorenzo.  (One just doesn't seem to be enough to quell my quilting appetite).  Plus, I'm lusting after some lovely gray and red fabrics at the moment. So there you have it.

04 October 2012

Halloween Potpourri

Ahem, October, AHEM. What is this 89 degree nonsense? And 77% humidity?! I will cut you. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I would not want this. Get your act together, Florida! Olive and I are not happy about this!
On the bright side, I'm looking forward to all the activities that go along with October. Do you remember my dinner in a pumpkin post from last year? It's pretty much the best thing ever. Chomping at the bit to do it soon.
Now, if you're hankering to do some Halloween quilting, check out all six Halloween block tutorials from last year! I made a table runner last year, but I kind of want to make a whole bunch of them for a Halloween quilt!  Wouldn't that be yummy? Yes, as I am sitting here, I think I have decided to make a Halloween quilt.  Anyone going to join me?!
Lella Boutique: Halloween quilt blocks
This morning I whipped up this cute little framed spider web--all thanks to this idea I saw on Pinterest last year.
Not sure where I've stashed my autumn table runner, so I'll probably be making another as soon as I get the dining table re-painted. See that full tutorial here.
Lella Boutique: Autumn Table Runner Tutorial
Ah yes, the candy bowl is full for the time being. Any bets on how long before it is empty?  We hardly get any trick-or-treaters over here, but we still buy a lot of candy! Muah ha ha ha! It's become our tradition to buy stuff we like and PRAY for a lack of trick-or-treaters.
What fun Halloween things are you working on?