26 July 2012

Labyrinth Love

Once upon a time, I fell in love with Brigitte Heitland's White Labyrinth quilt. I met it at Spring Quilt Market 2011. Talk about an amazing design!  I love the quilting too.
At last, I got an excuse to make one, though not for keeps. I made this one for a friend who selected beautiful reds and browns from Marcus Fabrics' Cotton Club collection.  She requested a larger quantity of the colorful fabrics to be incorporated into the design.

I imagine that a gray and white version could be quite stunning. I really love Brigitte's philosophy of designing quilts to go with a room, and not the room to go with the quilt.  It totally makes sense.  As a result, her designs are simple, clean, and stunning.

I would love to make another when I am willing to spend the time doing all the cutting (it took forever!). And maybe when I have a little more spare time in general.  That would help.

18 July 2012

On the Bandwagon

I know, I know, the Farmer's Wife madness is nothing new. I got the book for Christmas after slobbering over everybody else's blocks and then didn't crack it open until last week. Now I can't stop making them. 
I think part of what took me so long was the debate over what fabric colors to use.  I finally decided that I wouldn't fight my love of Bonnie & Camille's fabrics (since it seems like I use them for just about everything) and got started. I really love that I can mix and match a lot of their collections together. Most of these blocks are made of Marmalade, but bits of Ruby and Vintage Modern are slowly creeping in.  
I think most people are making them at a leisurely pace (2 blocks per week), but I suppose that is so they can work on other things and keep this as a side project.  As for me, just as I finish one, I can't wait to start on the next.  My hope is to have it finished in no time! 
I think I am the last person on earth to get started.

12 July 2012

Olive Screams, We All Scream

Olive turned two last week!  Yikes!  Where does the time go?! 
These beautiful pictures of Olive were taken by my friend Katie of Peekaboo Photography.  Her work is incredible!
To celebrate Olive's birth, I decided to throw her an ice cream party. I mean, it seemed more than an appropriate theme when I thought about how much screaming she has done lately.  I called it the "Olive Screams for Ice Cream" celebration.  
It was fun and fairly easy to throw together!  (Of course, I had some help via my pinterest account.) First I dipped a few cones in chocolate; then I rolled them in either sprinkles, toffee bits, or chocolate chips. 
Then I added a simple topping bar with gummy bears, maraschino cherries, chopped strawberries, marshmallows (to prevent cone drips), peanut butter cups, peanut butter candies, chocolate syrup, and caramel topping. Totally spaced the oreo chunks.  Whoops.

I also set up an ice cream float station complete with itty bitty cans of root beer, orange soda, super cute striped straws, and my homemade raspberry sherbet float punch.
I was most excited about this cake idea I pinned ages ago!  (Mine didn't end up looking quite as good looking as the inspiration pic but oh well!) I used Bakerella's moist yellow cake and buttercream frosting recipe, and drizzled Giada's ganache over the top to create the drips. It was a big hit with all the kids!

I sure do love this little stinker. Even with all that screaming.
I had to sneak in a few more of the wonderful photos taken by Katie of Peekaboo Photography. (It took some serious restraint to not post every single one of the pictures she took.)

05 July 2012

I Spy with My Little Eye...

...a cute and familiar little toddler baking set at the Pine Needles quilt shop!
These adorable fabrics are from the Dress Up Days collection by Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake. I love the color scheme. It makes me think of delicious sherbet flavors. Yum.
I had to snap a little picture of Olive wearing the apron.  I can't believe this girl turns 2 on Saturday. This little wiggly girl managed to pause for just long enough for me to snap a picture. Well, kind of.

I think I may need to make Olive another baking set since we left hers at home in FL.  What do you think?! I don't believe that a toddler can ever have too many oven mitts. Especially made of such cute prints.
Have you made a set using my Pat-a-Cake pattern?  I would LOVE to see it!  Make sure you add it to my flickr group pool for a little show-and-tell.