29 June 2012

Sweet Simplicity

I think I know about a million people who are having babies. At least that's what it feels like with all the baby quilts I have been cranking out lately. Not that I'm really complaining...
I really like this one. I get so excited about all the beautiful fabric available that I sometimes forget how stunning the solids can be.  I really do fight against the solids, which is totally ridiculous! 
I really fell in love with this gray fabric though--it's called Quilter's Linen in Stone.
To make this lovely little quilt, I just used my pattern #105 and doubled the amount of blocks to make it even bigger.

21 June 2012

Beep! Beep!

 This might be my favorite quilt yet. 
I truly believe that this is a quilt anyone of any sewing skill level can make. It utilizes simple applique technique; most of the work is tracing and cutting out the car and arrow shapes! The comprehensive pattern is available in my shop in PDF or paper format:  
The quilting is super simplistic. I felt like anything more might detract from the clean and simple layout design. I just used my walking foot and added a trio of lines, first stitching-in-the-ditch, then adding a set of parallel lines on both sides.

Let's go ahead and do a giveaway of five copies of this pattern. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite summer treat.  (Mine is a grandma's homemade ice cream with bananas, pineapple, and maraschino cherries!)
You can have an extra entry (just leave a separate comment) if you follow me on facebook. (Stay in the loop on new posts, patterns, and discounts!)
*giveaway closed*
Here are the winning comment entries--congrats!!!
  • Comment #12 maggi (Maggi!!!! I am having trouble tracking you down!)
Also, I am offering 20% off the PDF pattern (e-mailed immediately) for the rest of June when you use the discount code beepbeep.  Now I am totally craving that ice cream so I'm off to the store to get the ingredients. Yum.
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Featured as Generation Q Magazine's Quilt of the Week

14 June 2012


I have been doing some crazy zigzag quilting this week. I love how crooked and uneven it is!
One of the reasons I love zigzag quilting like this is because it doesn't have to be perfect!  (In fact, the more uneven, the better.) Of course, I begin after basting the table runner-top to the batting and back fabric.
It is easiest to do the quilting in sections--I am working within the seams that run diagonally. Oh and I used my walking foot so I don't get weird bunching on the back because of the thickness...  I stitched the first zigzag line to the right of the seam since it makes an easy guide.
I added another zigzag line to the right of that. Notice I did not stitch parallel with the other zigzag line.  The more uneven, the better!
I just kept adding zigzag lines to fill in the area.
After filling in that first section, I moved over to the next section and started filling it in.
This would probably be too time-consuming to do on a large quilt, but it's perfect for this little table runner! I think I would probably pay someone to do it on a larger quilt because I really like it!

For the full table runner tutorial, visit Fairfield!

08 June 2012

A Week Away

Olive and I were lazy butts this week. We took a mini-vacation down to St. George and Las Vegas.  We had a blast hanging out with family and doing nothing. 
Olive would have moved her luggage to the splash pad area in downtown St. George if she could have. Even after skinning both knees multiple times, she did not want to leave.  
Towards the end of the week, I felt a little guilty at not getting anything done for the blog, so I started throwing together a quilt on my to-do list.  Can't wait to finish it! It's one of my favorite creations ever. I hope to have the pattern done in a week or two.
Beep beep!