31 May 2012

Half-Square Triangles

When you're new to quilting, things look much more challenging than they actually are. As dumb as it sounds, I avoided anything involving triangles for a long time because I didn't know how to make them and just assumed they were difficult. Thank heavens I learned! They are unbelievably easy and fun!
To make a pair of half-square triangles, you need two fabric squares of equal size. In this example, I am using two 5" squares. On the wrong side of the lighter square, draw a diagonal line using a ruler and pencil or pen.
Face the marked square right sides together with your other 5" square.
After aligning the raw edges, pin the squares in place so they won't shift as you sew them.
Next, use 1/4" seam allowance to sew along both sides of the marked line.
Carefully cut along the drawn line to yield two [folded] half-square triangles.
Unfold each half-square triangle block and iron the seams open and flat.
You end up with two of these beauties! Unbelievably easy, right?
Then all you have to do is make a few more and start making fun things with them. Like a pinwheel.
Or a spunky chevron quilt.
To celebrate my love of half-square triangles, I am offering 20% off my popular Perfect Pinwheels & Zigzag Frenzy PDF pattern for the month of June.  Just use promo code HST2012 at checkout and the full pattern will be e-mailed to you instantly!

24 May 2012

Bella Butterfly

Friends!!! I have been so busy ever since I got to Utah! 
This week, I have been slaving away on some baby bedding for one of my best friends. I really love her fabric choices--a pink damask, prints from Pati Sloniger's "Bella Butterfly" collection, and white for the piping and ties. To make the crib bumpers, I simply used my tutorial created for Fairfield.
Crib Bumpers for Lexi! 
I had a really hard time deciding what kind of quilt to make for her but finally decided to go with one of my all-time favorite patterns--Hopscotch by Camille Roskelley. Remember when I made one last month? Yeah, I sort of love that pattern.
Hopscotch #2 
The fleece I used made for the thickest quilt I have ever had to quilt. It was reeeeeally hard to maneuver around. Totally worth it for the cuddliness.  
Yummy fleece on back 
I used my freemotion quilting tutorial to do lots of swirlies.  (Don't I always?!)
I hope she likes it.  I think the pinks and greens are ever so sweet.  Babies rock.
Just had to snag and post this cute pic my friend's mom posted on facebook. Here is the adorable mama with her quilt.  I think this picture was taken when her grandma hinted that she had a few more great grandkids on the way and that I should get busy! Ha ha! My friend had to fly home with all her gifts--and because she didn't have a lot of room, carried the quilt on board and snuggled in it the whole flight home. Love that!

18 May 2012

Supper at Olive's

Before the move, I used some of my leftover "Ruby" fabric to make some sweet little placemats for Olive's wee dining table.
This tutorial is perfect for those of you who have never made a quilt but want to learn how. (These placemats are basically minature quilts, which means you will learn all the necessary quilting steps as you make them.)

14 May 2012

Spring Quilt Market 2012

No, I won't be going to quilt market this year, but I whipped a few things together for the Marcus Fabrics' booth before the move. (We made it in one piece! Wahoo!)  I got to play with some Vintage Vibe fabric by Faye Burgos in a couple of different color options. With the first one, I put together some simple and sweet springtime hoops.
I absolutely adore this yellow floral print. 
I love how my little plaid bunny turned out. It would be a really sweet theme for a nursery, don't you think? Also, I totally dig this tangerine color that I am starting to see everywhere. It's just lovely.
 I think I need to make some embroidery hoops of my own. Maybe I can make some for Olive's room.
The other color option for Vintage Vibe is super funky. I used my Pat-a-Cake pattern to make a toddler baking set, as well as a matching outfit. Unfortunately, my photography doesn't do the fabric justice.

For the top, I used this pattern by Katie Varela; the skirt I used this pattern by Viola Lee.
I'm so sad I couldn't make it to QM this time around. Maybe next time? Please?

08 May 2012

Pattern Sale

Since I won't be able to mail any paper patterns this week, all of my PDF patterns are 40% off in the shop using discount code ROADTRIP and will expire Monday 5/14/12. All PDF patterns are e-mailed immediately so you get to enjoy them right away!

03 May 2012

Spring Cleaning for Bernina

This week, I am frantically trying to get all of my spring cleaning done.  Arg. 
We're moving next week to Utah for the summer where the hubby has an internship with the Midvale City Prosecutor. Oh yeah, he is also playing Adam in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Sundance. Will I see him this summer?  I wonder.
I will be bringing Bernina along (of course) and am hoping I can be somewhat productive.
Speaking of Bernina, I actually want to talk a little about sewing machine maintenance. When was the last time you cleaned your precious machine? I mean REALLY cleaned it?!
There is nothing worse for a quilter than having a sewing machine act up, so what are you doing to take good care of it?
Obviously, my machine is probably different than yours, so my first bit of advice is to dig out the manual.  I love looking at my manual since it is from the early 90's, ha ha ha!