28 April 2011

Baby Girl Texture Book

Oh my heck.  I love how this baby girl texture book turned out.  
I can't decide which shape is my favorite. Maybe the sunflowers?

21 April 2011

Baby Boy Texture Book

If you know me at all by now, you know that I love scrap projects.  Check out this fun baby texture book I made for Olive's little friend down the street!

14 April 2011

Chocolate Butterflies

Lately, my husband has been living in the law school library.  I felt it was my wifely duty to bring him some respite in the form of chocolate. (Our marital vows included promises of chocolate if I'm imagining correctly.)  Brace yourself for a delicious tutorial! (And have a glass of milk on standby...)

06 April 2011

Big Floppy Flowers

I am running around like the proverbial headless chicken this week. Luckily, it's all in the holy blessed name of Quilt Market. In the meantime, I hope you will relish the simplicity of this week's project: The Big Floppy Flower, or as I call it, my BFF.
And oh the possibilities that exist with this flower.  I glued one onto a spring-themed pillow. What will you do with yours?