31 March 2011

Baby Bird Stitcheries

Wondering what to do with all of those delicious leftover fabric scraps you have in your possession?  This is one of those moments where you will be glad you saved them for this little baby bird stitchery project!

24 March 2011

{Front Door} Spring Bouquet

I used to grieve when it was time to take down the holiday cranberry wreath. (Isn't there something just delicious and perfect about a simple cranberry wreath?)   I realize now that this is merely because I had nothing beautiful to replace it with.  Well this year, I couldn't put the cranberry wreath away fast enough!  I am excited to show you my amazingly simple and fresh bouquet that has replaced it. 

17 March 2011

Carrot Cookies

I am quite sure that this is the Easter Bunny's favorite treat.  It's sweet, buttery, and yes, it contains carrots.  It's covered with a delicious orange glaze--and is most comparable to an orange roll than anything else I can think of.  These cookies are simple to make and produce a small batch (one to two dozen) of cookies--so you won't feel too guilty when you devour them all.

15 March 2011

Stitchery in McCall's

It's finally out! Pick up your copy of "McCall's Quick Quilts" in stores this month and you will see my quilted birth announcements on pages 20-22. The magazine is amazing, ya'll. It includes a lot of really simple, beautiful projects that are going to make you drool.
Here's a little blurb about my article on McCall's website: 

10 March 2011

Spring Brunch

I've got spring fever, and it has started to spread to the dining room.  For the dining area, I wanted a color palette that was fresh, clean, and bright.  As I began looking through my fabric scraps for inspiration, I came across these absolutely adorable prints from Marcus Fabrics.  I began imagining brunch at Sundance, or a morning hike in Park City.
This quick Spring Dot Table Runner would be cute in so many different colors to fit whatever theme you are going for.  If you're going for a St. Patrick's Day theme, choose lots of green dots.  If you want more of an Easter-egg type of look, go with a variety of pastels.
  • 2/3 yard of fabric
  • 1/2 yard Heat N' Bond iron adhesive
  • Fabric scraps for the dots
  • 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for a binding
  • batting
  • cotton fabric for the back

03 March 2011

Spring Remedy

Last week, we assembled our adorable Spring Tree.  This week's project is not only stylish, but can also be a brilliant solution to a problem... Without further ado, let's introduce you to my (former) problem.